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Kicking on the second hour here on this New year's Day edition of the program in the studio with you to night you've got in Nobody and Chris so you could bring us whatever you want. I was just talking in the chat room on our Matrix server over a chat dot lrn dot FM, where there are a number of critics. Bunch of libertarian critics who really just don't like the idea of moving for more freedom. They think that New Hampshire has been a failure. The New Hampshire freedom Migration has been a failure because there are restrictions on cope it here. Well, screw him. Let's throw him out and get some new fans. I mean, It's all you care about. Is Cove in? Yeah, it's a failure. But if that's not all you care about you care about freedom. It's not a failure. We've got 30 representatives, you know, in the house we've We've increased that from the last election cycle from 24. It's only been going up. There's only been in their argument is that the representatives were not able to stop this. Of course we'll representatives won't be able to Sanderson representatives. We don't have enough yet to stop it. There aren't enough. And the game is rigged. Okay, So the thing is the point of having people playing the game is that it gives you voice okay, We are out of my opportunity to speak. That's what I'm working for. When I run for all that's the great thing about migration with me is that enables us to outmaneuver the Stand the status quo and out, shout them, right. I mean, imagine if 2000 of a showed up. It's a new news house. They're not going to be out there writing tickets. I don't think so. They're not prepared for scenario where people actually move because the average individual that they're used to having to deal with will not move for freedom. They sure won't do anything about freedom. But the people who moved to New Hampshire are active individuals. Because they've moved. They're willing to sacrifice their willing to get up and move. Will place where their vote will count. So it screams out the week and and that's absolutely thing the it does make it difficult because of course, you need some rank and file people who you know, I mean, have half of the people in the world are average or below. So you know, if you if you can't appeal to those people, um you're gonna lose on the numbers. Um And and so, you know, I think that's something that that we need to need to improve. There tends to be an elitist sound to the way people talk about. Anarchy that I think we need. I think we need to let it go. We need we need to change it A little. Go on. I think the thing you're talking about the left, basically criticizing. Well, I mean, the thing is like I grew up. Going to grateful dead shows, you know, And, you know, hippies they like build stuff themselves. They make stuff themselves. They're AG arrests. You know, most of them And then there's the like the socialist hippies. Were there different kettle of fish, but they're both there. You know, And the thing is, one group of people is actually very closely aligned with us. I think one of the things that the folks in the critics don't understand. Is that there's real power in migration in in gathering people of a like mind set together. There's not only the value of just having a community of people like last night we had, you know. 70 or so people that were hanging out together at Amazing New Year's Eve party and the police. They knew we were there because we were right on route 11 could they were, they knew we were there, and they were driving down that road all night, And there were disco balls that had bright lights being shined at them and spinning around. And so if you were driving by here, the party going on from the road to party all night and you could see his both through the window and they still wouldn't come. They were my balls. They were spaces. That's where those they were space discos balls. Okay, So it was Derek Derek Derek Chase balls groovy. I'm sure they're very pretty. Um, singularity is accusing me of lying about what the people in the chat were saying. Well, I don't feel like I was. But if you want to call in, I mean those those chatters always free to call in. But they love being in the peanut gallery where they just You know, I would love to hear, Hear somebody else got to call in and tell us what you think We should. We should send him some money. Kids Because look, monkeys love peanuts. You know, I have to say on your your perspective seems to be what I have heard them say repeatedly in that chat room, So I'm not sure what they said. You know what he's referencing. That was wrong, because maybe there was something that was a little bit different in this particular set of what they say this crap on this stuff all the time. So you know, call in and tell us what is you don't always like being weeded out. And sometimes they have to tell you why those grapes were sour anyway. Um, let's go to somebody else is here in New Hampshire? One of the earliest movers Dave Ridley is on the line with us from really told me that Ridley report, Comrade Dave, you're not. We're not competing with we're not competing with perfect here. No, no, It's not gonna be an easy road and we have have to be perfect. We just have to get to a point where you know we have some influence. And then maybe maybe we can.

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