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So if you're interested here in the market for that it's going to cost you not in the market for that. I never was now. I really wouldn't be thirty. Five thousand dollars clone your cats no chance. And it's not like the cat survives. I bet you a lot of people. You could find a way to keep your current dog or cat alive forever. People would pay a pretty penny for that agreed but the clone it. It's not the same. I got a guy on the called before it would not on the air. But he said that his friend cloned bruce springsteen dog for them really they currently have cloned dog. Get the hell out of here. So he says he would not go on the air. Wow that's a scandalous is not interesting. yeah bruce springsteen's clone and his dogs Someone needs to look into that. I'll hangs around his driveway creep much. Wait for bruce to back out one day and find out binoculars nj dot com all over this investigation. Yeah they haven't yet so let's go. Wow it would be the type of guy that could afford the whole calling of the dog thing. I would say so. Yes would you pay to keep your current pets alive foul. Well how did you not hear him. The day now would pay someone to come take her firing squad. We're talking about no no. That's not what i meant. Not at all but if a loving couple knew of her and inquired and was going to be a better life for her. I could see how maybe seeing. What's a better life than living with me. That's almost impossible all right. Let me say this is the one hundred percent honesty. I know you will be today. You go home couple knocks on your door. We take in rescued greyhounds. We've had several throughout our life were big wfan listeners. We heard of your plight. We figured out where you lived and we want you to give us whimsey even think about it and they proved to you. They get pictures of how they did. Take these greyhounds fool. Were to take a right. Now what would you do. I would not do that because the shame that the community only reason put upon you. Yes i actually. I was thinking about this. Like if you turn in a dog that you adopted you'll be more shamed than if you left your wife and kids and never spoke to them again. People would somehow be like. I could see that it's difficult. I'm telling you if you give up your dog. People will shame it'll be like worse than likey of murdered in the heat of battle or something. I don't know about leaving your kids. I getting divorced. Absolutely you're right. People are like the whatever you give up your dog right. you're a creep. Totally so the guy who i know friend of mine. Someone in his neighborhood did leave his family just took off and left and like i'm talking left where they had to go over there and fixed off in the house and like him and his other neighbor like mowing the lawn and stuff and taking care of the house and he that guy is completely persona non grata and narrow short. I if something like that. He said when the kids are involved in a divorce the divorce generally a mutual thing. So that's why sure but if you often leave then that's a that's a roth one. What if he divorced in usa as divorce agreement. I don't need to see the kids. Oh god oh. Jesus is that going to be the same. Yes giving away a dog. Okay beg status yes yes. We're very forgiving of things. Humans do in relationships. You think yeah very much. So why give me an example. Because i feel like that whole thing that with kfc went through people. Still crap about that. Which i think is unfair. But that's social media you know you're always gonna get well. Where else are we judging this to sound. Like if you just heard like like i don't know i'm trying to think of an example but like just because it's top of mind brought up bruce springsteen for example He's been married now for a long time but he got involved with this woman when she was his backup singer while he was married which was scandalous. But now when you look at it not so scandal. Yasuo don't know the circumstances surrounding it. Well you're also talking about bruce. Springsteen people are going to forgive. I mean look at woody allen and michael jackson for christ sakes people look the other way on those two guys for how long you know if you're entertained by people. We tend to as a society. Forgive them we put them on such a pet. We don't want to think that they're bad. Peop- you're right. But i also think so. Let's say you and gina or wife or you and gina or your marijuana whoever it might be that letter lead say one of our wives or one of us ended up in another relationship. How any of us know what was going on inside the relationship in now you leave the kids. There is no excuse for that to leave your children right so that but so that you're telling me that you think that leaving whimsey or giving whimsey to a loving couple would be the same type of shame. Yes as jerry leaving. His two boys are me. The leaving submarine like you would similar similar. Shame the very similar and people love the dogs they do. Yeah i mean look at you know michael vick who went to prison yeah interesting yeah. Oh minute to process that. Nah nah it is. That's a good point. Yeah i Yeah i guess you couldn't do it so the but you want to do it. No no no definitely not but you said the only reason why you wouldn't is because of the shame if you weren't going to get shane would you do it. No i would not really yeah. I've made a commitment. i'm seeing it through. Okay and the reason why. I think i believe you. Yeah boomer isn't here today. And if he was. I know you'd be lying your ass off about it because he gives you that stare. I will kill you if you get that. He's not here today. I think you're telling the truth. He was legitimately pissed about that whole conversation. Yeah right. And that's why. I knew he would be legit mad at me if i did. Not bring cooper in the day. No legit right. Yep that boomers there. You don't wanna be the other end of them do not. It's an unsettling situation. Let's go to vinnie and linden her. So it's going on any two things. Yeah the cloning thing. I think we oughta start doing on sunday. Keep up with you. Have those that are out sarcoma. One hundred percent. Yeah but besides that. I started the four step by scots program. Cheer for the lawn into it. It's come out of spending money left and ride doing the trump and the c. drop in the fertilize. And then my dog who's like six months old goes out there and it's making You know making us business and it. Yeah and you're talking about you. Send it to a certain area. How do you do that. Well hold on his lawn. Well all right. So there's i don't know she just seems to go to a certain area because once you started relieving yourself there that's now area but it's the area seems to be expanding a little bit but it's it's tough heart yeah. His area is about one hundred one hundred feet. I mean you gotta at least make it a little bit. We also have one of those leashes outside so like you just hook her up and then let her go and she can't go too far in areas that she's got she's got a long beach but a certain race but yeah napalm coming out of her vagina the way the lawn. I don't think i've ever heard that said before. I made it. You should see this. I should take a picture and send it to you. It's.

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