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I mean i mean i i would know a serious allegations right i want to feel like walter gorgeous the tip of the iceberg it could be yeah it could be which would be bad the thing is that college basketball right now is already kind of a mess with the one and dunn's and all that kind of thing and people wanted to give paid like it's already a mess and if this happens paul because this could be because you later that it and adidas's all over this and you're like my nike under armor hair they do things way veteran adidas does so i don't know the long term but i'm telling you why i would be shocked if i know the hookers thing that the ring vedeno rick pitino survived uh was likely happier on his y area and with this a toy horta fair that he was having an hit people dan feel like that was enough to say i don't want my young i don't want my son warning from a guy like that okay but it's not illegal right right all right and then here comes the the getting young women to help persuade right kids to come to the university and rick pitino is the the all three of those monkeys the with that one that has his hands over zia to with his eyes the one with his mouth hear no evil ryo evil speak he's all three and we're like our louisville's like well totally we believe that rick pitino we believe that college coaches don't know what's going on within their own programs right they have other things there authorises like way on the other side a cane wake um but i would still be surprised if he survives this and you know what i hope he doesn't because we rashid only know is a slimy individual and at the world basketball better off without him and the war the basketball world in the college sports world is better off without all of these guys right so i hope everybody that they have evidence on it goes down for it but the thing about it is there's a bunch of good coaches out there the deserve that job way more need us he's just his creepy you're a fine tap oil yeah gone no stop it don't even speak so yeah it's uh.

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