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And it's so amazing to know. Oh and be part of a company that's been around as long as it has and has tried and tested and he's always pushing towards the future in your eyes. What does the future look like? It's no longer enough to just list the jobs it's activity. You were talking about. So how do you do that. How do you connect the people even more? And then how does the future sure kind of look for the future really. Is You know a lot of tech based social based and You you know what we need to do is make sure we're at the forefront of everything so we're you know with the podcast you host or you say it's more on right now or is that you know I. It's building a community and continuing to build the community to bring people together through linked in and twitter and instagram and You know a facebook facebook group and all these different ways that we can bring people together. To connect and communicate we just need to be at the forefront of that and like the things change so quickly that what what does this look like in three years or five years. I'm not one hundred percent sure and if anyone told you they knew they'd be lying You just have to stay in as as long as you're putting the job seekers in the employers number one Everything else works out. Because it's so gratifying when you can make that connection. That's what try to like when we get those emails or the post or the phone calls and they're the you know someone saying you know thank you. I just got a couple of my first job. Job With the Orlando Magic. Or whoever it is in the color of the email in and We do oil you know. We talked about this Brian that you know we have this gratitude. Whether we talked about it every any time someone reaches out with a thank you in an email or post or whatever it is printed out keep them because that's what's so important that's what drives us is the. Thank yous and that you you know changing people's lives because I remember how I feel that first day at the coyotes you know I was there. I see everything else did matter. I'd find this. This is where I was meant to be and if we could give that feeling to other people that's all we need to do as long as we keep that in mind we're GONNA we'll be just fine and we'll be able to keep helping people. Well I could probably ask you one hundred more questions. But I think that's a great place to end because I think we know and I think what you're establishing is this idea of helping people through their journey Ernie and each step being a little bit different whether they're in college or deciding on college or that they're getting that first internship that first job or whether they're hiring staff and in fact I work in sports is trying to help all those different people in the different parts of the journey. That in is really the exciting part about all this it is. And that's it's an our focus right now is Of course you know but is is Launching a new product for employers to make it easier for them with the matching technology technology to help find these people. There you know to staff organizations for years to come and To help find the leaders of tomorrow in the sports industry. So that's that's That's exciting for where we headed. I guess you'd ask like that's where we're headed with a whole brand new product for employers. It's GonNa make the hiring process even easier and make the connection easier so and it's going to benefit our jobs. Here's the more people that are on the same thing they get found by these employer so That that's the focus right now and I'm really excited for twenty twenty and you know in our twenty th year here is Being able to rule of this Incredible new product for employers. Twenty twenty. Bring it right twenty years old and twenty twenty up. John is a leader in the sports industry. Hope that much is clear to all of you and as is my boss. He always appreciates it when people connect with him on Lincoln and tell him how great I am. I'm serious. He loves Zeh when people you know. Connect with them and say I love Bryant Clap. He's a great host. He's taught me so much. I've learned so much about the sports industry. He's like stellar. You should give them a raise all that Kinda the stuff he loves to here so please connect with them on like din. Let them know how much you like me. And yes I am at one hundred percent serious. There is no sarcasm in my voice I'm serious here. Thanks for listening. Everyone get back to work..

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