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We don't know how to make our stuff work on your equipment. So that's going away to help with capacity of chip-making in the world because that's the problem. Everybody's having right now. Intel also announced it will invest twenty billion dollars to add to new chip fabs to existing facilities it has in chandler arizona. Those are set to go online in two thousand twenty four. So they're not gonna ease the current chip shortage it anytime soon but they will be there. Arizona is actually becoming a booming hotbed for manufacturing. Tsmc is planning to build something in the phoenix area. Samsung is considering building in arizona. Also considering austin so it may go one way or the other and until wants to go head to head with them on building chips. Tsmc and samsung get a lot of business from apple and qualcomm and others and gelsinger said in his announcement he he would love to build chips for apple. He would love to build the m one chip for apple. Yes the same apple that intel's running ads. Slamming gelsinger said is clearly a copetition story and keep in mind until foundry services is a standalone company. Samsung does this all the time where the electronics side is slamming. Somebody that they actually build parts for in the other. Part of samsung makes chips. So until could just be like that well. Intel wants to build for others. It will also continue to take advantage of letting others build its chips where that makes sense. Everybody thought they were gonna go that they were going to become fabulous. Tsmc gets more than seven billion dollars of business from intel a year and that will continue with especially high performance chips like the supercomputer oriented seven. Nanometer ponte vecchio. They will continue where it makes sense to be like. Yeah we'll we'll outsource some stuff but we're also going to beef up. Our fabrication capacity. Gal singer is new to intel. Sort of he led the architect of the four eighty six chip back in the day and was cto when he left intel in two thousand nine. After thirty years there he went on to become ceo at emc and ceo. Of vm ware in the intervening years and he returned to intel as ceo february fifteenth this year and seems to have generated a lot of enthusiasm within the company. Also in case you're wondering they did announce something about seven nanometer. Seven nanometer consumer chip production. That's meteor lake is on scheduled to start in volume in twenty twenty three But the big news here is intel making turn away from like maybe becoming a fabulous company to saying no no. The money is in macon chips for everybody else instead of trying to compete with apple and hired justin long and try to sell more intel chips. Let's make the one chip we that way we could. We could sell intel chips to to windows pc makers and get some money out of making chips for apple qualcomm..

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