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You interrupt ducks check a game now. We just keep cool. Don't get it excited Dr Islands. Hello this is David speaking. Didn't Alexander that okay. I'll be right over. GotTa get back to the store. I want to delete telephones alone in the morning. Oh I would say not Christian you gotTa Processors Handy and I think there's a panda Troy WanNa cut the spring on this box. Yeah my goodness what did you get such wonderful roses. At this time of year I had one of the bus drivers bring in from the city. C. Now where can I put them so. Judy won't miss him when she comes to the office in the morning. Wait I get your base. Hope they'll keep until morning put somebody and they'll keep putting them over here on the table. uh-huh no no no no right smack in San Disk not much Iranian fly but I bet on the desk that go crazy about him. Well I guess I'd better beat it along home and change my clothes. Oh what do you want to change your clothes bull right where you are in a special occasion like this dollar on the bus. They okay but I want you. You're only going to have to say hello to work. After that. She's mine all right. Yeah in your shirts. You'll see those roses on a desk all right now. How can she missed him? Seat of the first thing he does he comes into the office in the morning. Well don't mention roses tour tonight. Oh no no I wound. I wanted to be surprised when she comes in Judy. And Jerry. Oh good to see you both of you. It's it's good to see you too on the eight thirty. Come on in Bill Data Christian this is Mr Conway Dr Christine. How do you do Mr Conway Jerry? Tangy how do you do. This is a surprise the half of the station. I'm afraid that's my fault Jillian. I came east on the same aim train. I live in the city knows so I didn't see why she should have to wait for the bus when my car was right in the garage. Oh you Joel. From the city we just got here. Haven't been home yet. Say Have Mr Conway is in a hurry to get back. I'm taking into the House to meet my family well. Judy outed seem to be back on. Grand L. I duNno tomorrow morning the work starts. You'll be back at your desk. I don't need to be at your desk too early early. Maybe you'd better sleep late and get this rest all the way Vilnai then going places in Hollywood that need the Red You met Mr Conway in Hollywood yea or did you see any always spent a whole day at Twentieth Century Fox. So I'm getting a picture and everything. I don't suppose you so any of the big executives executives at their desks all stars deal knows everybody in Hollywood. Well not exactly everybody. My father has some connections out there. which come in Handy? Perhaps you know my father Dr Christian Dj Conway Senator Conway says sure do that is. I don't really know him but I've heard a lot about him him. He's heard a lot about you do in fact that so. He's picture in the paper just the other day sitting at his desk. We've been getting along or we'll be late for dinner but evening Dr Christian. I'll be seeing you again. Good evening. See Judy at sort of plan to buy Turner. They'll be in early tomorrow Dr Christian because I've got a big surprise for you On January sixteenth. Nineteen thirty eight. Jean Hersholt starring as Dr Dr Christian on Classic Radio Theater. Our prime responsibility is protecting our families. But we also need to protect our family's assets for years. I've studied eighty comics in the Bible and as a financial professional. I'm Dr Tom Barrett. I found goal to be the best way to protect assets from government gone. Wild Gold has ridicule ridicule by less to send leads who sits fashioned and not suitable for financial planning. But gold is anything but outdated smart family chooses part of their retirement plans. Gold has been the universally recognized money since the beginning of time precious metals of the money in the Bible and they're the only constitutional money. Your Paper Hey permanent government. I'll use backed by nothing. No paper money has ever survived the crash on average and twenty seven years..

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