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Joke okay the news from abc wimbledon hank there's so much news from afc wimbledon we've lost all of our players we've gained entirely entirely new set of players we've played some friendly games at which these new players have had to encounter each other presumably for the first time yesterday neal ardley said that he is still trying to sign wait for it seven more players oh my goodness gracious the season starts in like a month neal ardley would like to have at least seven more signings for wimbledon this summer so that is that is from south london press and mercury which i think is a south london's leading a see wimbledon newspaper all right so introduce you to some of our new players first off we have a new goalkeeper it's a shame because i really like george long he was great but our new goalkeeper is named tom king he which lends itself to lots of puns so congratulations tom he's excited to okay i think he's on loan he is on loan from millwall we thought a lot of players on wound from mill over the years without a good relationship with millwall they've provided us with some of our best players so i'm all for it i love i'm excited about tom king we also have a new striker his name is james hansen and he is a big big lad he's thirty years old six six feet four inches tall and in the past afc wimbledon has done well when we've had huge strikers who are difficult to deal with the most famous being of course but there are lots of other examples as well so that that's exciting news we got a new midfielder whose name is mitch pin knock mitch pinnock all i know is that on twitter he calls himself msci pins really that's msci pin that sounds a lot like something you'd make i agree with you one hundred percent it does sound like something i would make up but his name is your phrase of the week msci pin fins anyway i really hope he's a lot of goals because i want to say the words msci pins all the time i don't even know if it's good news or bad news that's his name michie pins and we also signed a player on wound named tonigh watson who is a defender played for reading people are excited about him keep fingers crossed i guess i have no idea he's any good these young then he looks driven based on the one picture of him that i've seen so yeah that's the deal we've got some some new players and there was also an interesting meet the manager event at which neal ardley was asked a bunch of questions about last season and one of the things that he said is that he was upset that some kind of cliques formed and then he felt like the team wasn't on the same page and that some of the players who've been release east or moved on he felt like we're maybe part of that problem so now hopefully we'll have this sort of like unified squad who all buy into the to the plan our preseason results so far has been excellent we beat reading preseason doesn't really matter because a lot of times you know teams are starting not their best players to see who's good or who plays well together or whatever but we beat reading four two and joe pigott scored a goal or as i call them joey pigs cuisine also scored a goal i can't think of cuisine axe this get ready for this all season long it's never gonna stop every every week no matter who scores i'm going to report on the exploits of msci msci pins to matter what anyway so that's the update we've had a good preseason things seem to be going well but it's entirely new players so.

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