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You're not listening to him right now on Sunday nights or Sunday morning or Friday mornings in Arizona I mean I'm sorry you're missing so now here but that being said you know what you're talking about is that there's a lot of story lines here. I mean it's like the wwe accept these are real story lines. I mean these things were. It's like you know you don't know what the settlers is GonNa be and what they're gonNA play. What's going to happen but boy? Oh boy you know if if you WANNA rip something for first week there's no way you're scripted to walk. Let me know crazy Indian. Let me ask you this. Let me ask you this. You're watching or seeing that come back from the Arizona cardinals getting back into it against the Detroit lions who I like to recall the lie downs I mean they got out good and obviously played a salad first half and were up eighteen points against his team and then you know at the cardinals cardinals turned around and yeah you gotTa give a lot of credit collar Murray looked like he started easing self into the game a little bit and figured out how to get his weapons like Larry Fitzgerald and David David Johnson into that offense a little bit and you know they made this thing one hell of a football game and obviously they were just little bit short of being able to to figure out a way to scrap it out and overtime and twenty seven twenty seven in a weird way. It's gotTa feel a little bit like a victory to them. In a lot of ways is but there are no moral victories in football. We all know that but I do think there are some positives to take away from this <hes> but there's also a lot of negatives to because what we saw early in the Game Mitch it was atrocious so maybe they're not as bad as they started out and maybe they're not as good as you want to see in there at the end. Maybe maybe it's somewhere in the middle but if you look at what staffers numbers were right He's twenty seven and forty five three five yards. Three touchdowns raised Eh twenty four hundred thirty six three four hundred three touchdowns. I mean you know there's a little bit more attempts to everybody complains about the same yards that they and touch their thing. Thanks so you know you got some things that are going on. You know you you had this rash. I WanNa do it about preseason football but obviously obviously that must have been the defense that was the issue there not necessarily often you know or the quarterbacks play but <hes> I I if there was a the first week of the season in which you saw the complete spectrum of what we could possibly expect back in the season I mean I don't know how you could if you write the script. No one's GONNA buy it. No one's going to buy it. The broncos trounced. You know what I mean. Dolphins completely trump's at home I feel you. I feel you mentioned Santa Monica. I appreciate the phone call as always one eight hundred eight seven eight seven five.

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