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24 7 News Center. Will there ever be a stimulus bill to help the US economy and Americans during the Corona virus pandemic today, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says there is a compromise being written, but it would be up to the president to see it's signed into law before Election Day. Pelosi telling MSNBC that it appears the White House is ready to embrace science in a substantial way, she says, and Colorado officials are hoping some snow this weekend will help them put out wildfires that have been moving across that state. Strong winds today will likely caused the fires to continue burning. Two of the largest wildfires in that state's history are both still active, causing evacuations and burning almost 400,000 acres. Both candidates made some weighty statements in last night's final presidential debate. This is former vice President Joe Biden, saying this about separated Children at the border. They cannot find over 500 of sets of those parents and those kids air alone. Nowhere to go nowhere to go. It's criminal, and the president didn't dispute that number. He did give this figure about Cove in 19 recovery 99.9. Of young people recover 99% of people recover, which has been disputed by the medical community. As of today, and back with us to bring all the claims back to Earth is Washington Post fact, checker, Salvador Rizzo, who joins us on the coma news line. Good afternoon. Great to be with you. Let's start with former vice President Joe Biden in general. How would you characterize the accuracy of what he said last night? Joe Biden is, you know, not the most precise politician. He mixes up his number, he embellishes. But there's no comparison for example, you know, Joe Biden said that during the Obama administration, you know they were talking about criminal justice reform and at one point in the debate, and so, he said during the Obama administration 38,000 people were released from federal prison. The number's actually 19,000. But what happened? He likely confused some numbers that were in his head. 36,000. People applied for pardons or commutations and Obama granted 1900. But actual releases from prison were 19,000. So he was far off. But you can see you know there are actual numbers and you know the suit there that all you know. Heather back to something, whereas Trump is likely to make something up or hugely exaggerate or fabricate something. So then what would you say The president's biggest misstep or false claim would have been last night. I continue to think, as I have for much of the year that the The most egregious false claim is a line that he has that he's protecting preexisting conditions. How on earth are you protecting them? If you're in the Supreme Court, you know, actively asking them to strike them down and you have no plan to replace him. So I sound like a broken record because I'm always writing about it when I hear him, say it, But it is a big deal and he is just, you know, I mean, at this point, I think it's safe to say he's just lying about one of the bigger claims that former vice president Biden made last night was that the president paid 50 times Maurin Chinese taxes than in US taxes and had the secret Chinese bank account. What if the facts show about the exchange? They had their I'm not. I'm not going to back for his 50 times. You know, the math doesn't quite add up. You know what we know from The New York Times is reporting. Is that Donald Trump paid something like $750 and federal taxes and income taxes. You know, for the last few years on DH, one of his companies According also to the Times paid something like $158,000 in Chinese taxes from 2013 to 2015 now at the debate when this came up Trump said that he believed that the account was closed. This Chinese bank account was closed, but that's not what his lawyers said to the New York kinds, he said the account was still open but dormant. The president said that the US is energy independent under his administration. Is he correct in that he is not correct. You know the irony here. You know the thing that Really catches a fact. Checkers goat is that you know there's a lot to brag about, you know, under Trump when it comes to energy, you know, a net energy exporter for the first time since 1953. But to Trump back just isn't enough. And so, he says, We're energy independent. That's just not true. We still import around nine million barrels of oil a day. And then he also said, You know these countries where we have to go to war to secure the oil Now that in itself is sort of a No misdirection. But 11% of the oil we import comes from Persian Gulf countries. That's his own administration putting up data, so it's flat out false. It was a long debate lots of claims from both sides and it's well worth the read online at washingtonpost dot com. The whole fact check from Salvador Rizzo, Salvador. Thanks very much. Thank you. Come on news time. 12 20 it's hell. Insurance Business Update from Tesco chip giant Intel maybe seen an end to the work from home boosted enjoyed during the pandemic, with earnings hit by consumers gravitating to cheaper laptops and data center sales softening The company says quarterly revenue dropped 4% while earnings per share came in below expectations, sending Intel shares tumbling 11% Today gap is moving away from the nation's malls. The San Francisco based retailer says it's closing 220 that's namesake gap stores over the next few years. It also plans to close 130 Banana Republic stores within three years. That's your money now. Money News, 20 and 50 past the hour and still with little more than a half hour to go. In the trading day, the Dow is down 45 points. The NASDAQ is up 14 and the S and P. 500 is up by seven points. Your next money Update at 12 50 Traffic is next. Homo news.

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