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That's very true. So so all my goodness. I apologize Dalton Ross is tweeting. So that's all Dalton. If you heard my phone buzzing. Yes. So okay. Hi, don. Anyway. So so the other thing I wanted to mention before we get questions is I found it interesting. How several of the jurors took mathematical approaches to determining their final vote. I mean, we already know about Christian, and you know, he even had a graph that he he showed that he showed Robin than was posted on Twitter, and and the patron group with his with his interview. But Elizabeth also talked about it. And I asked her about it on on Twitter. So long live the Twitter press conference. And she told me there that she gave each finalist potential of ten points in each category of outwit outplay outlast, and then she added up each of their points the person with the highest number. That's who she voted for. And I like this idea of doing your best to keep emotions out of the final vote by making it an objective, more or less calculation. I I hope this catches on with. Future juries. Yeah. And I do appreciate the fact that Christian approached his decision in the manner in which he did because he was one of those people that everyone kind of assumed well, he'll vote for Nick. And he'll vote for Nick why because they have a friendly relationship, and they seem to be working together on the island. But that's not where he stopped. He did really. The graph is incredible. So haven't seen it. You should look at it. But it's it is. It's a great concept that there are the people that are on the jury are looking at it more as jury members as opposed to friends sitting on the jury looking at these three people that they have to choose from. They're taking that component away from it. And they're really looking at it more as a game as opposed to people, and they're looking at people that played the game as opposed to the personalities, and who do I like the best because that's always that's no fun. When we see the results will this person one because they're my best friends. Now, that's not that's not the way it should be. It should be about the game. And I really appreciate that approach. A lot. All right. So the preliminaries out of the way, I guess now it's time to get into the questions. So why don't you? Go ahead and start. All right. So the first question comes from Nancy green shields. Can you discuss Allison's incessantly bringing up at tribal council how she is a threat. It seems like bad strategy. Shouldn't you be trying to convince people you aren't a threat? So. I think Alison herself did a good job of addressing this. And she said in interviews. She would change how she talked about herself as a threat depending on who she was with if she was with Christian and Davey. She'd say it would be beneficial for the threats to stay together because those people were threats to but in the end game when she was the last threat there, she would say that she hadn't done anything and Mike had been driving the votes and saving her in an attempt to get rid of that threat label. Now, what we saw on TV was the first part, but we didn't really see the other part. And so I think that's why you know, it looked like she just kept saying, I'm a thread. I'm a threat, but the other thing is people had gotten fixated on her having a good chance to win and being a threat which turned into them. I mean, it was a self fulfilling prophecy, you're a threat, why are you threat? Well, because you're a threat, you know, and so. So I think she talked about it in terms of will. They think I'm threat. And then when she needed to portray herself that way, but the times we didn't get the see was according to these when she was not talking about herself that way. I like good answer. Okay. I know if you had anything else to add I think that I think that what you said the self affiliate. Prophecy is true. I think that she definitely she said it about herself because other people were saying about her too. I also thought it was great that the way Christian talked about..

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