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It's for immediate. Well. Fuck the coke, brothers and Fox News it's Friday, may twenty, nine, twenty twenty. My Name's Jack O'Brien ak with these cove it. I'm stuck indoors. Eating Pies I've got. Cove. I eat the passed between you and I with these cove. is now that fried chicken is in my sides with these Koby. Yeah you, can't it? It's from officials deck head and I'm thrilled to be joined by my co host Mr Miles grow. THOSE Up It was a clear black night. A clear white mu miles g is off the streets, trying to consume fat blunts for the just to get in the zone. Never go outside children all alone. Just hit the zoom. OPEC on a mission, trying to find the miles east got a week for PAS. No need to twitch or you skirts. With Jacco. Okay she. was actually brilliant used to call Me Jack O. Bitch. Well, I was trying to lose your shot at you or just a little bit of toxic hip hop masculinity their off, but yes, that was from Terry trillium, also I realized that there are so many regulator Aka as that I have not given to so best believe I'm going to get through some of these regulatory as from the premier's past. I think a concept album is an order of just non stop regularity. Well we're thrilled to be joined in air third seat by our co host. Will Zam Herself Jamie? LOFTA this? Gang. Gangs where moderns donation Emma Lee. In. The town of La I guess I sent my name's Jamie. Pledge Ride with the core gang in by Zamboni. With mask and six feet apart, are we? When you're. Walking have a cheesy egg that one time you'RE AKA will rhyme. You'll have okay all time. Back. Katie it was Katie's I AKA at the King Katie. Out Katie's those great. Ties in with. So I after you've mentioned flintstones I started seeing these signs around L. A. and it is like from the Stone Age to the gemstones It's like HBO Max and they're bragging. Have the flintstones. Are, they saying like we have the righteous gemstones and the Flynn's John Goodman live action, flintstones or the cartoon. No, the the. Live action. They're just basically trying to show off their range like we have everything well. You say that's quite a range of John Goodman projects along. Yeah, right right, right? But all of their marketing is really like it's bad and punny like that like there's another one where it's like. where it like, it has James Gandolfini Chandler being from friends, and then the dude with the weird hair from Big Bang theory. Jim. Parsons is that his name, yeah, from the. Two Bing no says we're Badeah meets. Being Meets Bang. Why. The. As a pass. Ask for me, that's. You can watch all my shitty Zamboni sketches. They put robot chicken on there, so that's fun. There's somebody. Library is the dense. Dan. I watched elmo's late night show. That's all I've watched so far. No. Well what yeah, it's it's good. I didn't I didn't like? I didn't love the Jimmy Fallon as the first guest, but it was really bad timing and. I think at the time. Maybe elmo hadn't seen the sketch in question and I want WanNa, give him the benefit of the doubt, but it was a bad day for Jimmy Fallon to be your first guest on the late night show, but other than that it was great. elmo had Casey Musk graves on. You know I'm going to keep watching. elmo asks the tough questions to famous yeah. Actually, I think is the one who. Broke, that story. I watched A. Seasonal a classic pre elmo sesame, Street and it was way better than the modern sesame street I think ELMO is. He he's a real head case who really brought the whole team down? All about himself, he takes too much real estate in episode that problem. elmo child technically like almost. Exactly yeah, kids are so selfish and. This toddler a late night show I want this I want I want these kids learning from adult muppets. Are thrilled to be joined in our fourth seat by the Hilarious, the talented super producer on a hose near. Cam To try and AK for the first time. Well. At the table when my family is missing the rest, don't matter. And that's all I have, but. It's because I've been listening to Merrin Morris is the bones and naturally you guys have spent time in an office setting with me, and maybe I don't have the most appropriate behavior at any point, but. I do when songs get stuck in my head. It. Have to change the lyrics and the lyrics always. Are Your your parents? Someone's? Yes, I, am I? Always find themselves back to a person either my entire family, being missing or a person in my family, being missing and me being truly. Just just that they've always been missing for a long time. That's the problem, right? Years and It's always weird. When you start to I know you're about to do that bit, and there's like this or other people who aren't in the Fam- in the office and you're like well. Here's the thing miles i. don't know if you know this about my family. What they've been missing for fifteen years and your lights, yes? It's gotten me once or twice, and then she does her. Be like. Just missing. I'm sorry, person. We're trying to make some kind of development deal with pockets like. This is a bit. Like,.

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