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Stock this morning in misha lee a drop shot when those comments were made but it's actually up now it's at forty two dollars and eighty four cents police are investigating the death of a students found at the bottom of a stare while had to penn state university fraternity more for maybe sees it the poco just before eleven am friday he and that's response to a nine one one call from david painter pie they find nineteen year old timothy p_i as a unconscious injured but allied rushing him to the hospital where he guys a day later returning members tell police sophomore fell down the basement steps run eleven pm almost twelve hours earlier during the party an autopsy revealing yet multiple traumatic injuries that the corner believes for cause by the fall noting he had alcohol and this is the corner believes the dead was accidental what's not clear his why no one call for help until the following morning attorney members are cooperating weren't in the process of but painting video from inside the paternity and we are working closely with pennsylvania officer student affair this morning the stanley is remembering the engineering major and now lead as a vibrate young man it's brother mike writing on facebook that he's still mission in life was to make other people smile latest depth at penn state you're really alert to another here in two thousand nine eighteen year old joe dano a member of the fiji fraternity found dead at the bottom of the camp this year well after a night of drinking his death was world accidental i mean a versatile temporarily suspending bay that as they investigative returning said there hopeful that security cameras inside the house will shed some light on exactly what happened i mean forty.

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