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And indeed if you look in the state of California as a whole at this point there were seven congressional districts heading into election night that Hillary Clinton had won in two thousand sixteen but also had elected a Republican Representative who at least a month ago represented the district and Democrats flipped all those district blue, and there's one more outstanding CNN cold, right? I should say that I am to be perfectly clear. I am forecasting that to go. Blue looked TJ Cox democrat right now holds a lead of I believe about half a percentage point that seems to be climbing. It's a close race. It's within a thousand votes, but based upon the votes that are outstanding. To ask any knowledgeable. Politico out in California. TJ Cox is going to be the next Representative from the twenty first district. But it's interesting that a month later, they're still a race. It hasn't officially been called. In fact, what we saw in the wake of election night a month ago is that the networks had to withdraw several calls moving that one across the country. They were a number of races of I think it leads three or four races that were called by various networks, then they had to be retracted because the results shifted now to some degree that's normal that happens every midterm year. Right. But maybe it happened a little more this. Yeah. You know, you should expect essentially one out of every two hundred races to be called incorrectly. You know, that's the sort of the line is has to be ninety nine point five percent. Sure. And unfortunately, it did seem that this time around those errors almost magnify whether that be Georgia's seven fishes there was so much voting because this was a historic right, right? There was so much voting patterns were not necessarily what we thought they were going to be going into the election. In, you know, in California, for instance, they have passed a new law that essentially allowed for something called ballot harvesting, which meant that people could go around and collect other people's ballots and deliver them for them. Obviously, those people would fill out those ballots, and then they'd seal them, and then these people help deliver them and Democrats made a concerted effort to get those irregular voters to actually cast those ballots and have them counted. But that I think really changed the game. And what you saw were a lot more of those late breaking ballots in California ended up being democratic leaning than we were used to seeing and the headline from the Los Angeles Times this week. It says how was about harvesting used in California elections. There are publicans in the state saying this cost the GOP some votes there is there's been real to that. I think it absolutely costs votes. But you know, each year the job of each political party is to go out and figure out ways within the law within reason to find as many votes as you can for your side and Democrats. Knew what the law was now versus in the past and they were able to do. So there was nothing wrong with what they did. I should point out that and not every state is ballot harvesting a legal exercise. But in California, it most certainly is and everything that we've read and seen suggests that what the Democrats did was on level. It just was unusual in different Republicans didn't bring the Ray game in this particular case. So in California it happened. It was legal. But then there's this questions in North Carolina about the nine congressional seat. And this is also about ballot harvesting, isn't it? Yes. It is partially. I mean, it's partially about ballot harvesting, but it's partially about a whole slew of things. So for instance, in the state of North Carolina vote by mail absentee ballots. You can't you cannot ballot harvest that is against the law. And there are a number of sign affadavits that suggests that in fact that occurred multiple ones, but that's not all that happened. We have not just signed voter affidavits. We have actual people who did one woman who did the ballot harvesting who admitted that she did it and was on camera doing interview with a local television station there. And let me tell you. If you're talking about media stories, the North Carolina local media has been on top of this in a way that I.

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