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Jude is when I realized that no, You're not gonna get a bill for anything. I don't have to worry about it. They're saying we're going to help save er. We're not gonna charge you anything. This is what we do. ST Jude Children's Research Hospital. Finding cures Saving Children Learn more at Saint you, Donna Warg. They warmer there. 8 40. Good morning. If you can say good about today, let's open up the mailbox. We have a minute here to catch up on some messages for we update all the weather and traffic. Bob. All this snow makes me feel like I'm living in buffalo Except for the good football team. Of course, Good one. Miss the 1st 15 minutes of the show. How long did it take Bob to drive in today? I'm so glad all of you arrived safe and sound. Well, thank you. Um, usually Well, here's the deal. It usually takes me about 25 minutes today. It took me about a Knauer. But that's once I got on the road. Ask me how long it took. Once I got the car out of the garage and got stuck in the snow for me to get unstuck. I'll take you to get unstuck. Well, let's see. Waited about a half hour for a truck to help me and then it took another 15 20 minutes to get out of there. So there's almost another hour and a half. Did you ask the truck driver to just drive you into the pops around? You should have done that. Uh, I have Triple A is the best. They have held me so many times, And usually they arrive sooner than they estimate. So grateful. Yeah, they got to me sooner than the estimate, too. I think the estimate was the fourth of July. Unfortunately, it didn't didn't take that long to see a couple more messages. I wanted to acknowledge, but we are from Chicago and on vacation of Fort Myers Beach, Florida We're so happy not to be home, 80 degrees and sunny every day here, Janice. We don't want to hear that, Janice. But thanks for listening. We have a lot of long business listeners and transplanted Chicagoans with us in the morning, and we appreciate that. Also. You have been banned from coming back to Illinois. So don't even try that. Thank you. Steve forgot to mention that Let's see here. How is Marion doing after the storm ended, Bob clean off her car before coming in to work. Well, actually, it was parked out in the street and I was supposed to put it in the garage when I pulled out of the garage, But I realized there was no way I couldn't even get my car. About 100 got stuck like 100 ft. Outside my garage, my garage and so I wasn't about to start messing with her car, too. She's doing just fine. Probably just got up. Um And then I get a lot of messages along the lines of this one. Let me find it here, Um, I'll get there in a second here. Oh, here it is. Can you make a public service announcement and tell people to stop shooting snow into the street? Um Driving through Lombard Davila Parks, at least 20 residents doing this. Well, I guess that refers to the snow blowers. Is that what that is? I guess. Yeah, I've noticed a lot of that, too. The question. The question becomes, though, because I've been the one doing a lot of shoveling in my place with along with my neighbors. We have nowhere to put the stone anymore. I know that the pile's there. Where do you put it? Well, that guy, this noble Google guy we talked to earlier this morning said. Fortunately, and he clear snow around office buildings, and he said, it's a good thing. Most people are working from home because it lets him deposit snowing in the parking area. So well, And he also suggested flamethrowers, right? I think that's a really good idea if we could all just get some playing throwers. You work on that, Steve Uh, let's see if Bob or other Bob show team members are going north and taking side streets home today, you might want to consider stopping for punch key from delightful pastries and 59 27 West Lawrence. Took a punch key class there a number of years ago. The class in the pastries are great. Well, if we can make it there sounds like a good idea to me. But what was that addressing in 592959275927? Wes Lawrence? Yeah, well, I know where Steve was an inch is going to be in a couple hours. We'll talk to ex cub Doug Glanville about what he's doing now He's an interesting guys really good writer and a great motivational speaker. He's on the marquee channel now and Doug is next. After we get you updated on what's happening.

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