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An important asset class it's wildly undervalued and we have a multi year long term trend in front of us up prices so. I. Look at the blockchain for sure cryptocurrency pretty sure and and bitcoin fairly sure Like the internet the other. Crypto currencies I, kind of look. At as Oh I don't? Know some of them will be rights. You? Know what I mean so you, can bet on these. Other ones right, but. But the the bitcoin blockchain? That's, an crypto currency that's the internet right. Would you. Agree, with that I I would. Say for net for now that's true I I would say the blockchain the. Blockchain technology is akin to TCP IP which allowed the internet to blossom and what I think will happen is that I think the bitcoin, blockchain will continue to be one of the most important Blockchain's out there but other Blockchain's will also be. Very important where I think that next level of value will be. Unlocked Glenn is when when, these Blockchain's can start talking to one another so the, so the internet the protocols for the incident were around since the seventies but it wasn't until Cisco came around may. Routers that actually allowed. These different disparite internet and they Abled systems to talk to one another and transmit data to one another you saw that explosion of value because before that you it, was like a one university could use their system right and it would then it was the only university. Systems yes but then eventually you could you could go into their. System eventually and that was, Cisco was the key technology behind that and so there, is another project that that is linking all of those and a week from that under a year These under a year we'll have the ability to connect Blockchain's. Together, so it's another network affect an order of magnitude right, it's, a whole nother level of. Growth that we're going to see once, these can communicate together tika thank you so much the. T. Katori he is a former hedge fund guy that has made a lot of people a lot of money on Cryptocurrency we're doing a webinar tonight If you'd like. To sign up it's absolutely free it's going to be lots. Of information that you can take I urge you to. Do all of your own homework please do not invest in any of this stuff. That you can't. Afford to lose it's extraordinarily volatile but if you are somebody who, considers herself on the cutting edge this is something that. You really, don't wanna miss tonight eight o'clock you'll only find it online. At Belk crypto, show dot com. That's back crypto show dot. Com you can, watch it..

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