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According to family stories, Jim Vance felt sick that day from eating too much raccoon meet he told cap that he had no plans to run. He would stay in fight ordering cap to go find reinforcements as he fled. Jim tried to hold the men off. But he was shot in the arm while Jim Lee bleeding on the ground bad Frank strode over and shot him in the head. When cap reached his father's camp and told the men what had happened. They rallied a group to fight the Kentucky posse, but the two groups never met that day after killing Jim Vance bad Frank and the Kentucky posse went onto the home Valentine wall Hatfield and placed him under arrest. They escorted wall and five other Hatfield prisoners back to the jail and pike Ville Kentucky. Bad Frank planned another rate for January eighteenth eighteen eighty eight he brought thirty three men with him. This time the remaining hatfields where warrant of his arrival and they had prepared themselves for confrontation Deva Lance had refused to participate in the New Year's attack. But he felt compelled to defend his family in the wake of Jim Vance's death. He called on cousins neighbors and even to west Virginian lawmen to help the areas constable John Thompson and special deputy Bill Dempsey were evidently, not pleased with the way these Kentucky inns were invading their territory, they felt bound to protect their own citizens. Even those wanted for murder, the two groups clashed at grapevine creek about a mile east of the tug fork river near the home of cap Hatfield, the Hatfield spotted Jim McCoy, I he was carrying the gun. His brother Calvin had used the night. Of the New Year's massacre. Jim managed to hit special deputy Bill Dempsey with his first shot, the Hatfield scuttled for cover as more. Members of the Kentucky posse appeared. The hatfields returned fire. The Kentucky posse climbdown off their horses and dill behind a nearby stonewall from those positions the two groups fired on each other for over two hours. It became clear to the hatfields that they were outnumbered and they began to retreat Bill Dempsey injured by Jim McCoist shot but still alive try to crawl away bad Frank Phillips coldly placed the barrel of his gun against Dempsey's neck and blew his head off. None of the hatfields were captured that day, but they were stunned by the battle and by the casual cruelty of Frank Phillips. They were beginning to understand that Phillips was willing to go to any links done them down after the battle of grapevine creek devil. Anse sent a letter to the Winchester company in Massachusetts placing an order for ten thousand rounds of ammunition and twenty-five new Winchester, repeating rifles, which could be fired many times without reloading. These guns were an upgrade from the one shot rifles and muzzle loading guns. Many of the Hatfield had been carrying the shipment would arrive the following October if devil Anse couldn't beat the Kentucky inns a numbers, he could at least have superior firepower. The battle of grapevine creek didn't just alarm the hatfields for many residents of tuck fork. It invoked memories of the civil war the drama of the. Vent caught the attention of journalists who began to sink their teeth into the story. Many newspapers took sides in the feud by embellishing the indecency of one side or the other one report claimed without evidence that bad Frank Phillips, not only shot Bill Dempsey, but also picked his pockets after he died another reporter for the Pittsburgh times. Extolled the doggedness of Frank Phillips and express sympathy for the McCoy family, while labeling the hatfields as a cowardly gang band together for the purpose of murder, the hostility spread to the local and state politicians west Virginia's governor Wilson objected to the arrest of wall Hatfield and the others taken into custody. He claimed they had been taken without any legal process and unlawfully transferred across state lines. He demanded the prisoners be released Kentucky's governor Buckner refused by his reckoning. He wasn't under any obligation to release the men. He felt that once the prisoners were in his state's custody Kentucky had the right to try them for any crimes. They had committed within their jurisdiction. The matter went before a court and Louisville which determined that it did not have jurisdiction over controversy between two states. According to the US constitution only. The US supreme court had the power to decide such a dispute the supreme court heard the case on April twenty third eighteen eighty eight the court agreed with Kentucky that however the men had been brought into the state even if the manner of their capture was a legal. They could still be legally tried once they were in custody Kentucky was free to prosecute the men already behind bars. The ruling of the supreme court rattled the hatfields. It also Blida rated any expectation that the Justice system would treat them fairly to them. The actions of bad Frank Phillips amounted to kidnapping. The work of Janice Nadler, a research, professor of law and psychology showed that when people feel that they are treated fairly by the Justice system. They are less likely to reaffirmed in the future. Conversely, when people view the law as unjust. They are more likely to act out with criminal behavior. If the hatfields were comfortable evading the law before the supreme court decision only made them more defiant. In the summer of eighteen eighty eight. Rumors spread throughout the tug fork valley that dozens of bounty hunters were combing the mountains in search of hatfields cotton top mounts was caught by two detectives and taken into custody there. He joined wall Hatfield along with about a dozen other men indicted for feud related crimes the trial for the eighteen eighty two pom-pom murders began in August of eighteen eighty nine in an odd change of heart Perry Cline, decided to take up the legal defense of all Hatfield, some say, this was because wall offered him more money, which overruled claims friendship with McCoy's. Others say Perry was still loyal to the mccoys and his defensive wall was a sham. Perhaps the ladder theory was correct wall Hatfield was found guilty in his trial and given a life sentence. Wall was shocked by the decision. He was one of the few hatfields that had tried to temper some of the flames of the feud, and was sure he would be acquitted. He wasn't the only one bewildered by his trials outcome. Cotton top mounts had participated in both the Popol murders and the New Year's raid. But he hadn't planned them. He had just gone along with what Hatfield leaders had told him to do. He was described as easily influenced some historians have indicated that he may have had an intellectual handicap while in custody cotton top confessed to the New Year's raid. Murder of twenty nine year old ala fair McCoy some reporters speculated that he was bribed into doing. So one article suggested that cap Hatfield promise cotton top five hundred dollars a rifle and a new saddle if he would take the fall for the murder, the Hatfield seemed to hope that by making cotton top. Scapegoat. The rest of them would get off lightly. If cotton top was promised a small fortune in exchange for pleading guilty, he would never get to enjoy it following the trial of Allah fares murder. He was sentenced to be hanged. His execution was scheduled for February eighteenth eighteen ninety.

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