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Among NRA supported politicians did pass the house the story now from KYW Steve tower Cristina Vega and Abusir -vivor is well aware of key provisions that would close the so-called boyfriend loophole to restrict gun ownership. Most times they are boyfriends. It was a boyfriend. He did have a gun was primarily a lot of reasons why I never left because I was always threaten I'll kill your father. I'll kill your family's current law already bar spouses or former spouses. Convicted of abuse from buying guns. But the boyfriend loophole is an amendment that would expand existing gun prohibitions to include dating partners, convicted of abuse or stalking charges. The National Rifle Association opposes the Bill. It will score how politicians vote on the Bill to measure future ratings and endorsements in elections US democratic Senator Bob Casey to any male member of the NRA. What this is your daughter. Would you wanna boyfriend loophole? Steve Taiwa, KYW NewsRadio. The Pennsylvania supreme court says the state must refund. Millions of dollars to two successful casino. KYW's him go vis explains why the sands Bethlehem and parks, and Ben Salem had filed suit in twenty seventeen they claim that a law calling for profitable casinos to into a special fine, which had benefit underperforming casinos was unconstitutional law required. All casinos in the state to pay percentage of slot machine. Revenue into the casino marketing and capital development account or see 'em CD, the sands and parks claimed the law violated the state. Constitution which called for uniform taxation and violated the federal constitution which calls for equal protection. This pre court ruled in favor of the casinos and funds had been in the CD for fiscal year. Twenty seventeen to twenty eighteen will be refunded back to sands and parks, Kim Glovas. KYW NewsRadio meek mill won't be tonight. Sixers playoff game in Toronto. Because he's not allowed to go fixers co owner, Michael Rubin wrote on Instagram, the judge Denise Brinkley who is supervising. The rappers probation did not give him permission to travel to Canada under the terms of probation. He can't even leave this state without approval Ruben says the team while with the court as soon as the second round scheduled came out. Judge Brinkley never respond. Time now for sports sports. Sponsored.

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