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Loop that covington highway overturned vehicles three lanes still blocked reports of a possible metality delays past glenwood road and then we're also seeing delays on the inner loop south down in the same area due to rebegin and be careful around metro atlanta no delays but construction all over the place this report brought to you by unbound dot org what is the education of children worth their children across the world who lap the privilege i'm going to school change the story for one child at unbound dot org maligning kyw wsb i'm wsb meteorologist kirk mellish with the most fascinating komo forecast becoming partly cloudy overnight mild low sixty seven saturday a mix of sun and clouds astray thunder shower possible late afternoon or evening heidi six low sixty eight sunday a thunderstorm seventy percent likely mainly afternoon or evening high eighty three the low sixty six monday a shower or thunder storm seventy percent likely heidi want low sixty six with me as a woman gain and depend on this ever and wherever have breaking news severe weather award for a traffic red alert wsb one of our breaking news center with tell you ninety five at a on set in the wsb depend on it jessica mighty her makombe and home from the fbi how he came to my behind the scheme he should how did you machine greek sean i learned everything i know the mission them to only allow shy online reagan o'neill oh well from the mountlake jim river to the woodland jinping rambler around the country the gun john rogers marine shane mack they are of you wanna have a through another grain outdoor leisure travel with me oh me leah a loud sad oh the novi oh lab i am.

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