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Its list of candidates vying to become the city's next police superintendent the Chicago Tribune reports the board's current roster of candidates includes former Los Angeles police official Sean Mallon owski suburban Aurora police chief Kristen's even Chicago deputy chief Ernest Kato and former Dallas police chief David Brown the job was vacated in early December when mayor Lightfoot fired former police superintendent any Johnson a month before he was set to retire the police board will eventually present three finalists to mere light foot for her consideration today Chicago health officials will seek to reassure the city's Chinese community that the risks from the corona virus are still very low city and county health officials will join the Chinatown chamber of commerce at eleven this morning at the public library twenty one hundred south went worth that but to Chinatown business owners say fears about the virus are already weakening sales there WGN's Pam Jones has that the streets and shops in Chinatown are normally bustling with air your residents and tourists but the area looks like a veritable ghost town during lunch since the spread of corona virus from Wuhan China some seven thousand miles away some restaurants here are reporting a fifty percent decline in traffic in some store managers say they drop in business is worse now than it was during the sars epidemic seventeen years ago Pam Jones WGN news US health officials believe they're still an opportunity to prevent widespread transmission of corona virus even as CDC confirms the fourteenth case in the United States Dr Nancy about Sony a director of the national center for immunization and respiratory diseases warns American should still be prepared for potential spread in communities here in the states all of the measures we have taken to date artist hello the introduction and impact of this disease in the United States but at some point we are likely to see media spread in the US or other countries and this will trigger a change in our response strategy a lawsuit is providing new details about a deadly shooting at a warehouse in Aurora last year former employee opened fire at the Henry Pratt factory on February fifteenth killing for employees and an intern on his first day at the company six lawsuits have been filed since the shooting in one of those lawsuits a witness says the gunman Gary Martin walks through his office during the shooting rampage but there was able he was able to avoid detection by sliding behind his desk the suits accuse Illinois state police of negligence for issuing a fire arm license to the shooter residents in an apartment building in robins are once again dealing with a landlord who has fallen behind on water bill payments for the building Katrina Harris says it happened first back in November now second time sheets on a red termination tack on her door that reads urgent water shut off notice she pays about thirteen hundred dollars a month in rent it's like we can you ran and you're not going which is supposed to do with it so it's white what are we supposed to do now Robbins villa fit village official tells WGN the landlord Marvin wells only made one payment after being put on a plan payment plan that officials hills WGN to hold off on cutting off the service a but that eventually the bill will have to be paid now with WGN sports here's Dave Allen and good morning the Blackhawks started their road trip off with the loss and it hasn't gotten any better and three on the trip now after losing in Vancouver three nothing or Xfinity X. five Blackhawks support Jacob marks from forty nine saves for the Canucks of the night they paid tribute to the said dean brothers the long time Vancouver twin stars have their numbers lifted to the rafters NBA all star weekend has arrived in Chicago more on that coming up white Sox pitchers catchers reported to Glendale among those pictures Michael Cole pack working his way back after missing all of last season following Tommy John surgery so great it's kind of a work in process.

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