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At um and then moving on we had a different a different from that sort of progressed at and the current issue is called the makers impression on so what that means to us is again the impression that your work is going to have on this the culture at large on your audience and how on sort of how you how you make that in your work hadn't make your work natta as what we've said on so sourcing content is very much based on what were interested in at the time on people that have come you know become large in our minds uh so it's very organic the rate of resource content it's really about who were looking at and whose inspiring us at the moment on as well liz what topics sweet tennessee emerging in other places that we want to discuss that we want a platform to speak about uh you have a nice slick xiv creative in this issue utterly hurdles coasted from countries with which the web design via of a good this thirty shugen spin lovely read early um he answered bettiah i wasn't when oscar books own us what the cover because you don't really see many blood covers um it's just it's like a a fooled by image and the like a paltry one of your indeed yes autists too which is crucial serum brand billowing explain liquid concept came from like wagers absolutely um the cover i feel like this really stood out to us after this isn't an image from an interview he did with b an raj walker a based in new york city and we took this image in deir studio their photographers themselves and they have this beautiful space uh that they use their own photostudio in they also live there and i think the impact of meeting than and being able to photograph these particular subjects had a great impact on us on really made an impression for us as photographers meeting other photographers and seeing their process um it it was definitely an impact law experience for us i'll say but the cover itself after we got the the negatives back and were able to look at this image it just it out immediately as something that felt more like a painting than a photo arm and that was part of what.

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