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And like, yeah, like saw him the next morning, you know, like again could have died in my sleep. Bee check on, you know, nothing 00 and down sir. Not the guy. You want an emergency apparent, that's what it shows. That's what it shows. Rob dauster, not the guy you want, if you need somebody. So anyway, so I'm glad you're here. I'm glad you survived. The PCM, I survived the peach jam, and I have a huge huge, was it, was it a b or do you know? We don't even know. I don't know, no idea, but I have a bunch of medication. I'm supposed to take in case, just in case, I don't know, who knows. Anyway heart let's get to it. After our Argo full stories about how we both have failed miserably over the Baptist month mentioned struggles. There have been some struggles. Let's, let's talk about somebody else who's struggling. Gregg Popovich in the Olympic team. Let's start there. And who, who do you put the blame on, you put it more on pop, or do you put it on Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard and some of these other guys that are producing? I mean, I think it's shared all the way around. You know, the players have to play and, and certainly the coaches have to coach the guys, but also, you know, you gotta be a team in a way where you can build the team and look like if we had top-five or if we did the top twelve guys, in the NBA that are from United States and you haven't play Kawhi Leonard LeBron James Steph Curry Susanna conversation because the Gap is still pretty wide. But when you start taking, you know, like the the World Cup in 2019 for 515 that was what the like the home team of probably NBA players like not that they're bad but when you compare them to who the top 12 is going to be. Yeah, it's totally different. Like Javale McGee is on our dog. Olympic team, Calvin, Johnson, Tom Johnson and again not bad players. Javale McGee has made himself a really good NBA player. He said up terrific career when you look at where he has come from and how he's what a 350 MB, a champ and is now made a national team. That is an incredible career, but when you look at national teams of the past it is Hall of Famers, every song Hall of Famer talked about. So, you know, the talent isn't the same as what we're probably used to, but I think also you're now seeing that since the Dream Team in ninety-two home countries, have heavily invested in basketball, and they have done a really good job of, not only developing players, but developing chemistry and camaraderie and guys have grown up playing together. You know, Pride, Rob, don't you think there's more of a pride you played in some, of these countries. Now that we don't have pride not again. Kevin Durant doesn't have pride for his job. He does. What is it? A different level with with some of these other guys? Yeah, it probably is. And I think also, you know, some of those guys might take the national team stuff down more seriously. But yeah I guess Lucas said it didn't Lucas say he rather wanted gold medal than an NBA title? I mean yeah and that'll probably isn't the case for all of our guys about for any of our guys. I just think that it's become such a foregone conclusion in most years that the US are just going to win. Yeah. So where it's like?.

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