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Some bills I'm Sergio Sanchez. You're listening to the Danish. Oh, we're broadcasting live from southern command, that's mcallen, Texas at the studios of K, KU RV radio. You can listen online. Dana lash radio dot com. Talkline, eight four four three four four. Dana. Hello. This is America's healthcare advocate with your healthcare tip of the day. The most health-promoting type of fat that you can eat is composed of a mega three fatty acids. They reduce your risk of breast cancer considerably in three, major ways mega three fatty acids decrease the power of estrogen in the breast so that sells won't divide as quickly in response to estrogen. They act to subdue inflammation, and all the ill effects of an enzyme involved in inflammation called CO X, two inside mega threes. Mop-up oxygen free radicals. Here's a list of some of the major health conditions improved with a mega three fats asthma cancer of the breast prostate and colon diabetes, heart, arrhythmias, heart disease. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, rheumatoid arthritis skin disorders. Osteoporosis, gum disease and more. Divest source of mega three fatty acids. Flax, seeds walnuts, pumpkin. Seeds Kim seats. Soybeans winter squash, and ground, oregano, or the other good sources the body functions. Best when you eat a four to one ratio of a mega six and a mega threes fat. It's good for you. I had no idea that I would save over twelve hundred dollars a year by switching to patriot mobile. That's amazing. What made you switch? The abortion law in New York was the last straw. I couldn't sleep another night knowing that my money was being funneled into Planned Parenthood and border control. I'm with you. I'm so glad that every call I make with patriot mobile supports causes that I'm passionate about causes like the NRA the Heritage Foundation and supporting pro-life with a vital work that Susan b Anthony list, does it doesn't hurt that. I pay less for the same reliable service either. We're winning hearts and minds. The let's keep the momentum going switch to patriot mobile to continue the good work where more than two million dollars has been used to.

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