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Time. Denver police stated, will evaluate the success of the closure at the end of September and then make a decision about keeping the closures in place of Fox. 30 wants to move in for K Way. News Radio A Denver resident in the state's third person is the third states third person to be infected by West Nile virus. The local health department announced the case late last week but also out of the person infected has traveled in the mountains before the positive test. The state's first case was reported earlier in the month. In Delta County. Ah, Boulder resident also tested positive for the mosquito carried illness last week. Ah, 13 Year old is rewarded for helping Colorado renters impacted by the pandemic. The apartment Association of Metro Denver is going to give Arena Britain a college scholarship for raising more than $1500 to help provide rental assistance during the pandemic. As a bod mitzvah project Arena set out to raise $2600 but ended up raising more than four times that amount with a go fund Me effort. The apartment association today will accept her donation and, in turn, give Marina a scholarship. A pair of vans she wanted for her birthday. Cathy Walker Koray news radio for the first time in a long time, We've got some weekend box office numbers, such as they are movie goers willing to brave the pandemic to see Christopher Nolan's Ted. It theatrically pushed it toe a better than expected $53 million Weekend debut in Canada and overseas. Hollywood will certainly be looking attended as a bellwether when it opens in the US this week, where most movie theaters remain closed. Do you know a mutants are the new mutants, which did open.

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