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Keeney tiny needle fat are barely thicker than at tv hair needles i'm laid out of the vaccine these are not metal needles they are made out of the vaccine material at south you put it on your skin you try it down in what it at delivers the vaccine into the very top most players if your skin and that's a good place for that seem to go because that's where you have a lot of immune system cells because of course here skin is the first line of defense against invaders like cair yeah and viruses and what they found was this device not only worked at not only get the vaccine into your body cotti but the people who volunteered to try it hoped the same immune response as people who will start getting the oldfashioned shot the old fashioned flu vaccine by a needle so let's make sure we understand that said the little tiny micronutrients that are made out of the vaccine that's on the patch really push it into your skin and break the skin those things actually dissolve we get the vaccine into your body they do they push should if gin and i've talked to many people who have tried it because of course what everyone wants to know is does this thing hurt right i haven't found any one time uncomfortable they say it's like touching you know the website of crowd they can't just barely grubbing that into your skin and what you have to do is you have to push it down pretty high so you feel the pressure from pushing it but it doesn't heel like a shot it doesn't feel like it's cutting or scratching you you don't bleed afterward you down and keep it on their like a band aid for like twenty minutes and tell your body has a sort the vaccine so here's what i understand up until this point they've been using this big long needle because we've always been told the vaccine is gotta get into the muscle so they need a andy too long as getting the muscle but now it's being shown that it doesn't have to do that just rake the skin and that works it's like well if you remember the very first facts thing ever what's the smallpox vaccine and what.

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