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The Russians change the outcome of the election, even though the Intel committee said We can't tell that one way or the other. So in terms of the big lie, why is it Hillary social Media platforms have never been shut down and people respond by pushing back and saying, Well, Larry Hillary completed the election Donald Trump didn't Oh contraire, mon Frayer. Hillary never used the C word concede, nor did Donald Trump. Both Donald Trump said that Biden won the election. He never use the C word. Have a push back is that Hillary never filed to overturn the election again. Oh contraire, Mon frere. She joined the Jill Stein lawsuit to overturn the Wisconsin election and found a separate motion to have the recount done by hand. And the third thing is well. Hillary supporters didn't storm the capital in January six because Hillary wasn't in the White House. But the assumption is her supportive would have been perfectly okay with losing the election by 30 some 1000 votes, which is what Steve Kornacki said. Remember what happened when Donald Trump won the election in November, 2016 protests all over the place, including violent protests, and when he was inaugurated third week of January, 200 Hillary supporters were arrested for staging violent protests in Washington, D C. We're supposed to believe that if Hillary had been in the White House, and she lost the election for 30,000 votes, her supporters would have gone quietly into that. Good night. I don't think so. Let's go back to the beginning of this campaign when you turn your paperwork into the registrar voters, the secretary of state and they broke the law trying to keep you off the ballot. You they said If Larry Elder doesn't like our decision, Larry Elder can take us to court what you did, and you won and the judge smacked down and forced you your name to be put on the ballot. From that point forward, you could tell that the powers that be in the state of California were willing to break the law and played dirty pool to derail your campaign. They didn't even want you to have an opportunity to make a case to make an argument to the people of California the that's right big industries in California whether it's the tech industry, Hollywood whatever. They're in bed with new some PG, and he certainly is. The media who is supposed to hold his feet to the fire and report on things like him going to the French laundry with the lobbyist for PG any, They're not doing it. The Times didn't break that story. The San Francisco Chronicle didn't break that story. The Sacramento Bee didn't break that story. It was one reporter and an ABC affiliate in San Francisco that did Nobody else cared. Nobody else was looking at it. So far, you have not participated in any of the debates that have taken place in California. And people ask me about that. And I say, Listen, the institutions in California have already tried to kneecap this guy every opportunity they've had, and they continue to try to do it. The fact that he's doing his own thing, and he's not playing by their rules in a rig system where they're going after him to try to make him look as bad as possible. I totally understand Can you walk us through your logic on on that decision? Well, first of all that night, I had a fundraiser. And as I pointed out, this man can raise and spend and a limited amount of money. And so far, my understanding is he's raised $50 million. He may even spend as much as 75 million and all the people that you now mentioned Big Tech. The teachers union. The other unions, Hollywood are all throwing money against me. I didn't think it made any sense whatsoever for all of us Republicans to be and what I call the circular firing squad and shoot at each other when the first part of the ballot has to go down, and that is 50% plus one has to vote Gaddum Nelson to be recalled. After that, whoever gets the highest number of votes. Will succeed him right now I'm a hit, but frankly, I support anybody over Gavin Newsom. I think it's foolish for us to use our county cannon fire for anything other than to remind people about the hypocrisy about him having his own kids in in person, private education. We have even talked about the $500 Million deal that he did with some lobbyists who set up a company just days earlier to buy some protective masks from China, masked by the way were defective, and he was paying substantially higher price than Eric Garcetti was from ask for for Los Angeles. And we have to remind people about the crime about the homelessness and about the outrageous cost of living. That's what our job is, and that's what I'm trying to do. And that's why I'm staying focused on him and not on the other Republicans. I will do one debate. Anywhere anytime in a garage, backyard Hot air balloon, I'll debate Gavin Newsom. One of the points that Newsome keeps making is that middle class Californians are taxed less than people who live in Texas, making the same amount of money and that is a fallacy for any number of reasons. First and foremost, they get creative with what they consider to be attacks and what's a fee, and the other issue is that it's not necessarily taxes by themselves that are driving people out of California. It's the high cost of living. It's because we don't build new housing, so the cost of housing prices people out of the market. Our schools are not open or so bad. People have to send their kids to private school, which is attacks by another name. We let the homeless take over the libraries, the beaches the parks, so people have to take their kids to amusement parks or beaches in other parts of the country or other parts of the state where they don't Get harassed by the homeless. All of these forms of bad government lead to costs that Californians have to pay. He may not consider them to be taxes per se, but their taxes by another name. Absolutely. And let's add crime into that. Don't forget Barbara Boxer just a few days ago, was mugged in Oakland. Someone took her cellphone. Gavin Newsom was attacked by a mentally ill homeless person, but for the fact that he had security detail with him, he might have been harmed. How many of us are lucky enough to have security detail? Crime up in San Francisco? Crime up in L. A. And by crime? I'm talking about shootings and homicides. And up in San Diego. That is a cost to the number. One job of government is protect people in property. And this ridiculous narrative that the police are out to get you have called the police to pull back is called the Ferguson effect or the George Floyd effect and the defund the police movement, moving money out of the Oakland Police Department and moving money out of the Los Angeles Police Department while releasing 20,000 convicted talent early Statistically, they're they're more likely to re offend what could possibly go wrong. That's attacks to you know, one of the things I predicted on the show. Yesterday, I was going back to the recall of Gray Davis back in 2000 and three And instead of reporting on gray Davis is failings. What the news did was they went after Arnold Schwarzenegger and they put out a story in the Los Angeles Times, accusing him of every bad thing. You could accuse someone of as it relates to sexual harassment right before the election as I look at your rise in the polls Don't even know what's coming down the pike. But I just assumed that the LA times in the mainstream media they're going to try to turn you into a monster right before the election. Are you worried about that same thing? Uh, yes, I am worried about it. But John, it's already happened. I did a comedy bit some 27 years ago. It needs on PICO Boulevard on the West side, and it was a marking it was marking F. Lee Bailey and F. Lee Bailey's use of the N word during open court supremacy is this white man was enjoying being able to say the n word in open court without anybody attacking him? So it was played out of context on a black radio station, and I was accused of using racial epithets against my own people. Never mind. I played it on KBC when I was there, and I wasn't fired during at the time. Um, and they also came up with with a tax lien I had and I did. I had it for three days..

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