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It's written ski on the line with the one full mister robot spring out welcome to the show orbit. Thank you rik now wrote. We're having a bit of a chuckle to the coal about his. Somewhat of session with coffee. We're going to talk about this. We're GONNA TALK ABOUT PLYMOUTH WE'RE GONNA, be talking strategy cruises, and we're also going to be talking about his wonderful book. The organ pipes of the soul, but with that being said Robert. It's wonderful to have you with me today. What we like to do and I think it's very important for this call in particular is to UNWRAP. Time a little bit and go back. To when you decided. You were going to write a book because I've looked at your bio. There's a lot going on there. Well. When I decided to write this particular book I had I got might be a with an emphasis in creative writings was actually working on a biography of my grandmother, and it just never went anywhere, because once I ran on a grandmother. I couldn't convert it into fiction. So after I was working on a an Ma, degree or MS, actually match science degree in link English as a second language, and the school ran out of work. Basically I had no summer job, and had the summer income, and I found a position publisher. So I was at that publisher for almost ten years I suspect, but it was quite a while, and I wanted to get back into writing, but I found i. had gotten quite rusty. I haven't written anything Muse and awakened at three in the morning. You know and that kind of shaky out of bed experience that sometimes happens so I took a writing course offered through my public library, discount and I am the instructors. All sterile I got nothing out of the course, except after the course broke up. I found myself in a writing group of former members of class, and just before the class broke up, I wrote this little three page I. Think was short story based on a t shirt I'd seen that, said heaven's like a.

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