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Guys in this backfield that I'm actually drafting but the only guy that I might start week one is Thompson MPR. I. Think the Colts gave up the most receptions, two running backs and all football last year and what are the reasons not drafting Chris Thompson is he's got limited upside. He's not going to run the ball and he's probably going to get hurt like the pretty much always says, but on a week-to-week basis, if you're telling me one hundred percent going into the game against a defense that has been targeted that way in a game where they're going to be way behind Ya I might I might start Thompson Week when you're not drafting Chris Thompson Heath. I have not drafted Chris Thompson. Well, they can four nets only been off the team for a day. But I drafted right well after before that. Yeah I had him on five or six teams before four net was cut nice work. But I think he's point about week one. If you do zero running back draft and you and you target upside guys like Jake a dobbins in the middle rounds like I've talked about Kris thompsons another guy that you can plug in week one and get really Yeah. No, he definitely could have a role. The bears, they're gonNA name their starting quarterback early next week the Andrea Swift returned to practice golden state day to day with a hamstring injury Cooper Cup minor ankle injury, Chris Herndon walked off the field trainers today. I haven't seen an update chest. Yes. He had chest and lung problems last year. So it's scary until we get clarification and the Andrea Swift thing he came back and was limited in practice, right? Yeah. I don't think he was a full go yet. So he's not okay. Lamar Miller is off the pup list and he's on the Patriots in case you have forgotten. What do you make of this? Does he factor in at all as he just the thorn in everyone's side except for white. Feels like one of the Patriots veteran moves it doesn't wind up doing anything right at this point. I? Mean Michelle beat him back. I meant to look up the most rushing touchdowns that are running back his head with Cam Newton and I totally forgot, but I'd be interested to know that. I feel like. Jonathan Stewart probably had a decent amount. Wasn't there a Ngelo William see that too. Yeah. Like a double double digit touchdown season or something he had twenty year, but that may have come before. I'm interested to know. ESPN giants reporter Jordan Ron has written a lot about Saquon Barkley in the passing game and the article today I don't know if he wrote the headline or not but it was something like why Saquon? Barkley. Could up twenty, five, hundred total yards and Jordan. Renard. Said, the passing game is where Barkley could make significant gains watching him routes at practice. The mismatches are obvious. His routes are crisper than ever. His explosiveness has returned linebackers and safeties have no chance. So we've talked about this with Barclay where he's been kind of like a sixty catch running back since the second half of his rookie year. and down the stretch last year when everyone was healthy, I think it was around fifty five or sixty catches that was pace. So. Do you make anything of this report and do you expect more of a passing game role than perhaps we anticipated for Saquon? It doesn't change anything because he's the clear number two on all formats for me. And I'm not. GonNa put them ahead of McCaffrey, I've gotten that question. I think that's silly. You've got that question. WHO Would you consider Barkley over McCaffrey like in DMZ and stuff and I'm like, no, I would not Christian McCaffrey is in modern Marshall Faulk late and look what he did last year. No. Look Barkley could certainly better than McCaffrey by just don't see how you could take a minute of him. As. It seems like sure could happen but it seems so obvious thing McCaffrey but all right anyway. JK Dobbins according to John Harbaugh will have a significant role in the offense. What does that mean to you heath? I've projected him for a significant role I think Gus Edwards. Had a significant role in the offense last year. So this is encouraging that he I was a little bit worried that like week one, it would be ingram and Gus Edwards and Dobbins might just get a handful of touches. It sounds like he's already passed everyone Ingram Ingram on the depth chart hopefully. Yeah last year, the carries went like this for the Ravens two hundred and two for Ingram in fifteen games 176 for Lamar, Jackson hundred and thirty-three for Gus Edwards Fifty Eight for Justice Hill. Yeah. I I mean this makes me so excited about Dobbins sorry I just want to cut in here because like Edwards got one hundred, thirty, three carries you just said so if Dobbins is potentially going to get that that's huge right but we also have to recognize that Mark Ingram is Old now I mean he was very, very good. Last year he'll be thirty one December excuse me very, very good last year but how I mean how long this guy's career going to go and how long is he going to be I mean there's possibilities he gets next up and banged up this year in effect happens we already know that Dobbins is you know this upside pick but The standalone roll adds so much to it to. Okay I want to look something up for Dobbins is my favorite thing about him and they have look something up for you. Okay. That makes you happy. In twenty, seventeen, two, thousand, sixteen, Jonathan Stewart had nine rushing touchdowns. In the following year, two, thousand, seventeen, he and Christian McCaffrey and Cameron Artis Payne, and nine rushing.

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