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And take a flight to flight island, And then promote the fight, so it was a great performance for him. I would've loved to see him. Get it done, then, 'cause maybe all of a sudden another prime striker like a conor McGregor looks at him and say. I want to try to come after that bill. WHAT YOU WANNA? Give Uis. Mine credit as you mentioned, but our guy will be in position to FIFA build again. It's interesting you bring up connor because connor and Mazda Vidal are such big stars because they're fights are so fun to watch because they are striker's but people like who's Mon- and Habib. They're more effective at winning the fight. They're just not as fun to watch because they're such good grapplers, wrestlers like that fight that United States way past my bedtime to watch that fight and it didn't climax the way I wanted the night, too. Many toasts downs away, too. Toe stops the refugee to say some talks not. I noticed I noticed. It's not against the rules, but stopped doing it. 'cause. It's annoying to watch also must have gone limp he. Around all the next.

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