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There is some talk at the state house voting on a gambling plan as early as next month. Thanks to a drop in oil prices, Chicago senior relief at the gas pumps. The head of the petroleum analysis at gas, buddy dot com. Patrick DeHaan says prices are about eight cents a gallon lower than a month ago areas across the state, particularly in Elgin, some of the nation's lowest prices at about two dollars and forty five cents a gallon. That's because the Great Lakes. Has seen among the most downward movement back compares with the national average that's fallen about two point six cents per gallon climate change could drive a beer prices. A new study published in the journal nature. Plants says droughts and higher temperatures caused by climate change will reduce the amounts of barley being produced crops to the bane ingredient in beer could drop anywhere from three to seventeen percent and now community quarters. Here's Ryan burrow. We continue to search out some haunted locations in the suburbs. The country house in Clarendon hills underwent an extensive renovation while the owner was meeting with a contractor to discuss future work, six independently operated shutters. Open simultaneously, other employees have reported hearing pounding sounds from the walls and a crying baby goes onto Richard Crowe was summoned to the building and claims key felt the presence of a young woman looking for something. She had lost a previous owner recalls. The girlfriend of a bartender dying in a car crash shortly after leaving the building I'm Ryan burrow with community. Cornered WGN radio. Now, WGN sports. Here's Mark carbon man. Good morning. Agean being a fan in Boston on Sunday night. You see the Red Sox? Get a win in the AL CS, Tom Brady go and beat Kansas City that was Sweden and last night in Milwaukee. Imagine being a brewers fan Utara in the NFC. Yes, you see the brewers when beat the dodgers for nothing. And then Aaron Rodgers comes in and he comes up with four hundred and twenty five yards thirty three thirty as the Packers beat the San Francisco forty Niners the division race heating up in the NFC. North of bears are waiting for word. I'm Khalil Mack. And that injured ankle, hopefully, he'll be ready to go on Sunday. We'll hear from Matt Nagy coming up a little bit later in the show the bad far as the cubs are concerned. They've got a new hitting coach..

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