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It's only fair for Chuck with are going to go first this time Roger Federer's also jugular good morning Todd bombing all right here are your three stories first sex worker Alice Liddell is now offering storm area fifty one attendees can you have maybe a sex worker and now the last thing the little just say you know how it is right. all. well played shock. thank you sex worker els Littles offering storm area fifty one attendees a fifty percent discount off close encounters of the kinky kind of that she is from the battles Moonlite bunny ranch and she is offering these these workers are gonna storm area fifty one she's saying that there had a fifty percent discount on any of her alien encounters including the alien probes stops watchers the case the moon body or answer whatever story number two eighty five forty in the wake of Texas is a mass shooting in the last month former Texas Democrat better or wart promoted a mandatory gun buy back program and now calling it eighty by forty a consortium of ecology and green organizations has proposed a similar mandatory buy back of any automobile whose mileage is less than forty miles per gallon in twenty twenty five rising to sixty miles per gallon in twenty thirteen and eighty miles per gallon in twenty forty again that's eighty by forty and store number three a bikini pics in a hurricane Dorian well apparently some Instagram influencers as a category of human from what I hear are turning social media platform Instagram to express their concerns for those devastated by hurricane Dorian and they've been have been accused of using the tragedy for self promotion because the pictures are posting of for example influencer tatty L. Pollyanna posted a pic yesterday.

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