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David Lynch Otto sees this as a growth area, I definitely think that subscribing vehicles in the early days of a big growth trend auto technology. Pushing their cost down moving. Subscriptions into. The mainstream, where they could be targeted to. Younger customers Jeff Gilbert four, CBS? News Detroit fall is still weeks away but there, are fewer days left until the arrival. Of the pumpkin spice, latte fall in August Starbucks is reportedly, ushering. In its pumpkin spice law is even, earlier this year they're coming Tuesday. August twenty eighth which is about one week earlier than, in. Previous years business insider says it reviewed the company's internal documents this'll be the first year that. Starbucks, has launched the pumpkin spice, latte say in, August since twenty fourteen when the drink debuted the company says it's. The most popular seasonal beverage of all time that piper CBS news. California coastal commission came down pretty hard, on a couple who renovated their Laguna beach front property, they didn't have, a permit The commission voted unanimously that the owners are in violation of. Public access it's now or at the couple of the Victoria beach property to remove, the sea, wall surrounding it and pay a hefty million dollar, fine all within sixty days this was willful, intentional, disregard, of, the law. Commissioner Donnie Browns he says the, couple violated their permit surrounding the wall when it completely remodeled the home and ignored season desist. Letters earlier the owners attorney Steve Kauffman tried to argue the remodel was a mere face left, there's no violation, there's no basis for seawall forfeiture or monetary penalties post. Renovation the property, is worth roughly twenty five million. Dollars and eleven million dollar increase in value Karen Adams Canucks ten seventy, NewsRadio so it's back to school and that can mean. Back to academic pressure fears of school violence social bullying tomorrow one o'clock Canucks in-depth sits, down with a panel of students throughout l. a. and Orange County's plus experts the will the. Kids see school in it's Pressures the same way as. The experts. It's going to. Be an hour you don't wanna miss can in-depth the homeroom addition right now it's eleven. Twenty five on Canucks we have traffic and weather together every ten minutes. On the five so let's check your freeways tiny compos and Torrance on the southbound one ten from the four or five to Torrance boulevard had the left two. Lanes blocked there for roadwork it's still very slow she came. Away from, the ninety one Rosemead westbound ten from Santa Anita avenue to Fremont's you got the left lane closed and that, is causing a, bit of slowing in Hollywood northbound one zero one approaching Vermont to. Crashes blocking the. Middle lane at slow from Alvarado on the southbound. Side of. The one on one it's slept from Hollywood Boulevard to the one ten let's feel feelers. The northbound, to connector to the. North and southbound five that's, closed until tomorrow morning wall Cal trans does their work near, LAX, northbound four or. Five connector to the eastbound one oh five that is blocked also the car pool lane is blocked on. The eastbound. Five from imperial highway to. Hawthorne Boulevard in Granada hills a westbound one eighteen from the four zero. Five two rocky peak the, right two lanes are blocked for roadwork and Kostelic roadwork on the northbound five has he slowing as you approach lake Hughes road next report at. Eleven thirty five I'm. Tanya compass with more traffic reports. More often KNX ten seventy NewsRadio overnight lows are going. To be in the sixties and then tomorrow at the coast it's going to be bumping up against eighty. And it's going to get up to mid nineties in the inland areas proclaiming is seventy four degrees right now in Long. Beach is seventy one Southgate sixty-nine in studio city. Seventy two degrees this former traffic reporter traded in his Sigler to tickled ivories here's the KNX helpful Honda. Hero of the week when Doug Dunlap and plug his headphones and retired as a traffic. Reporter he. Needed something to. Do some kind of volunteer opportunity he didn't play golf but he did play the piano.

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