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In garden city Melville wins. News time eleven oh. To president. Trump says he is told the US military mobilizing at the southern border that in the event that migrants try to throw rocks at them they should act as so the rocks are rifles. He said there's not much difference. When you get hit in the face with a rock. A group of migrants did throw rocks and Mexican police at the border with Guatemala correspondent Andy Field. President Trump now warning members of the Central American immigrant caravan. They will risk their lives if they make it to the border and throw rocks and American soldiers. They wanna throw rocks at our military. Our military fights back. We're going to consider it. I tell them considered a rifle president also saying he will no longer catch and release asylum seekers and will house them in massive ten cities asked whether he envisions US troops firing on anyone. He said, I hope not I hope not. But it is the military on quoque, according to a White House official the administration will seek to require migrants to request asylum. It legal points of entry and prevent them from claiming asylum if they are caught crossing the border illegally. Officials at the Pentagon say more than seven thousand active duty troops are being sent to the southern border. President Trump says the number could reach fifteen thousand the caravan is still hundreds of miles south of the United States. The Trump campaign is out with an ad claiming the Democrats are responsible for Mexican citizen named Luis Montes who killed to Sacramento county. Sheriff's deputies commercial says illegal immigrant Louis Bracamontes killed our people. The next line is Democrats. Let him stay the president tweeted. It is outrageous with the Democrats are doing to our country vote. Republican now unquote Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez called it quote, dog whistle politics based on fearmongering characterized it as a desperate move ahead of the midterm elections. Wins. News time eleven oh. Four White Plains. Couple told police that a man wearing a Jason Friday the thirteenth hockey bass tried to abduct their three year old son. According to the journal news the man showed up at their door picked up their child and started to walk away with a kid yelled at him and followed him, and he put the boy down and took off. He claims it was a joke. He was arrested and has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child. A Brooklyn pharmacist Forty-one-year-old Hoy on me is accused of selling about one hundred fifty thousand dollars worth of oxycodone on the black market New York City special narcotics. Prosecutor Brigitte Brennan tells ten ten wins. We legally ordered the pills with forged prescriptions when we checked with areas databases. It was clear that those were fraudulent prescriptions that those pills had never been legally prescribed. And so she was charged with diverting mammon with filing of fortune instrument. Google employees walked off the job today here and across the globe to protest the company's handling of sexual misconduct. Google ROY.

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