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Back with the starters we asked you what other shots would you like to see retired players recreate us up on twitter hashtag starters trading there's one man most of the fans wanna see alex wagner says we got to see that jordan free throw line dunk sure zach says i want to see 'em j over hilo recreated but he also has to do the celebration a key point and flop says any of 'em jay's millions of iconic shots at the mid air switch the push off the baseline fake out all of them i think he can i think he can't do so michael jordan if you're watching open invitation anytime you want to come to the starters we'll go out to the cajun recreates shots anytime it's nothing to lose guys every week we scour the internet to bring you the main team or favorite weird and wacky moments seven days at number five lavar ball in avar ball he's still in the news cycle he's not going anywhere though new ball is life put him on a two k cover this week it's probably should be a two point two k covers he said he'd beat mj in his prime so someone recreated this simulation how did he do did he believe even score number four seemed like everyone was beef in this week and we couldn't stop saying the word starters fan jamie rome is with the beef super cut from our twitter show were trying to sell us some beef at about that beef i was buying gone what do you believe beat me it takes to beef go be listening beef it'd be more tofu than for the beef always be identically baseless be interesting very interesting and jamie wasn't done he decided to have some fun with drake i know.

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