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Mental health services. We make sure all of those things that are in place because without it, it's a critical component to the co-production of public safety. Equally is important is that we also have social issues that are often laid at the feet of law enforcement. So for example, mental health and education. Historically, we've been pulled into those spaces where we have not. Necessarily provided public safety, but have enforced Wong, historical, legislative racial desegregation. We have to own our part in history, but we also have to have those folks at the table when we're talking about how do we move forward with co production, but understanding this, we also have to understand that we need to have voices come to us in a different way. We also have to recognize that the community may not be willing or ready to come to the table, have the conversation, and that's okay. We have to be able to accept that by knowledge. It also means that we care for the community's health and for their resilience. He is well, that's another key component. We also have to acknowledge that those folks that are in our community there here do wanted to do us harm. We also have to recognize that we have community members who did not get the benefits of a long ago dream. We also have to acknowledge that we have put faith in a system that sometimes is broken, hoping that it would give us solutions for better. But we cannot walk away because there is a better way. And we know this because the NYPD's neighborhood policing philosophy is grounded in the co-production of public safety. In order for us to move forward together, our family, our friends and for health. We have to make sure that we focus this way and in order to do that, there are three fundamental ideologies that we must all agree to you. Are you ready? I'm sorry, one more time. Are you ready? That's better. All right. The first one, there's no more wallowing in the why. We know why. We must move forward together. There's no more us versus them. Number two. We must embrace the lived experience and our histories and we must make sure we never go back to a place where we cannot move forward. And number three, we must also make sure that truth and telling facts is painful, but we also know that no action is no longer acceptable in agree. I'm sorry. I can't hear you. Do you agree? All right. So we do know that there is a better way and the better way is the production of public safety. Thank you. For more TED talks to Ted dot com. Our ex.

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