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Is free keep lawyer. cannabis talk agency and educational Odyssey by the way I am update Illinois will soon become the eleventh state to fully legalize marijuana. and it's more than three times as many states now allow medical marijuana and so it's starting to happen state by state interesting interestingly enough joining me today because. mark Coleman has had his pulse on me CVG kind of this world for years he is a partner at him public relations and public relations are common we we we always talk about stories and breaking news and all kinds of fun things. and yeah this story there were with the Dallas Cowboys this is a fascinating story mark what that really person for most thanks again for having me on secondly we're talk about this house cowboys story and then thirdly I got a great new product I have to tell you about so excited about it anyway former Dallas cowboy and NFL star David Irving is pretty silly and not addictive and beneficial treatments for those who are who need them and guess what he he recently quit the NFL any started a new business called the cannabis passport which is extremely extremely interested in extremely friendly interested it's interesting but maybe is pretty much in response to the treatment to receive that the player with prescription pain medications he's really a big proponent of cannabis and the legal legitimate treatment of it he started a brand new company called patted his passport so basically is guy quits his NFL job seeking millions and millions of dollars and do whatever else to support the legalization of CAD was at hand and starting a brand new company. well I love what he said because this is really important he said he's anti opioid. and. and John which is what the NFL. which is what the NFL approves as their treatment he's had multiple concussions and has chosen the right way to move ahead and heal and healing the way of the NFL via prescriptions is not my way I'm moving forward with a message for all athletes that simply saying research and understand the benefits of CBT and cannabis as an alternative just some otherwise seriously addictive prescriptions that can lead you down a dangerous path and I love love love that. I agree with you what I agree with him I agree with you one hundred percent definitely check out the status passport as it's visually stimulating the very cool product and you know what kind of fun. absolutely okay okay so what's the fun part what's the fun now yeah sorry out in Los Angeles it's called a grass fed and people divided as grass fed dot L. eight what they do is they are pre me are god creator and cater had a busy. television yes yes I saw this I was so excited. so what they do is they they they had several I've chorus infused theaters in Los Angeles area really make her great social the event they also have a innovative they've only canvas bar they combined with like a really cool electronic play list and lots of blood so they're going to various dinners varies parties at the LA area and taking cannabis in Indo food related products and yeah I have a great time I think the great idea and for people in the Los Angeles area definitely check out grass fed that ally. love it love it there this is not the story though that I was thinking of there's another story that. was just featured in one of the magazine shows on television I can't remember if it was. it doesn't matter and they are serving. food and they're using. you can order you have a separate menu you have your food menu and then you have your account of this. menu I mean you can sit there in order to counter this menu you get two separate bills one for the food one for the counter this. and I think there may be a comp a combining of some food with the cannabis. at some point as well but for the most part you can. you can just go in and have cannabis at the cafe in the restaurant or you can go in and have a meal and so let's say that you didn't want to smoke but your friend does. right or vapor whenever you can it whatever you eat in other words they're going to make IT accommodating for you okay what I'm on their Instagram page now you got to see some these pictures of these social events that they plan absolutely amazing on Instagram it's grad so bad that LA it's it's be interesting very very cool stuff. very fine very very fun stuff while one of. so. sure we talk quickly about what we just talked about the vaping scare and it's taking its toll. I I mean. I don't know do you think this is going to be considered legal. as we go forth I think it's still don't go I don't think it's absolutely ridiculous I've been vaping PH here for over two years it's great I've never had any problems with it the tobacco companies have been doing the vaping thing for over ten years and you know what the government needs to leave this industry alone it right away they're gonna be ruining business after business after business while they're in the house already have a mass. yeah they already have in Massachusetts hard working hard working people that have worked that it put everything into their business thinking that this was going to be the gold rush right now what I really do help people on cigarettes quit the deadly cigarette and go to do and it really really helps absolutely I have a friend who is addicted to little many cigars that are very expensive she doesn't get them in this country she imports them a bloody fortune and she started vaping a few months ago and she loves the flavor drapes and she's no longer smoking these little cigars so she's like so excited and now it's being taken away from her because she lives in New York City so you know the problem let's take away the flavors in the base they're gonna start take away the flavors and alternative products to and they you know what they need to leave these products alone have been around for so long already and do the right things I just don't I don't know if it's going to be legal though that's there's a lot of losses that are pending and I just I don't know I just don't know our last story because then we've got a one is a Pittsburgh police officer tell us a little bit about this story so mayor bill of her to tell my cover but that's a our at that right concerned a yesterday that a city police officer it was I guess placed on leave basically he was caught with medical marijuana in his system and you know what he has a state issued a medical marijuana card it was using battle marijuana for medical purposes only took a really weird territories kind of on leave right now is so you know what will the state it will they follow the federal law I'd say you know you're fired you god or will they do the right thing is a listen it's legal here and Pennsylvania medical marijuana and this officer at every right to utilize it and he should not be fired hopefully you know the union gets involved and others get involved and say this guy's job police officers do great work for us as everybody knows and if this is legal plan to do he should be allowed to do it. I absolutely agree I mean this is this is where. this is where it gets so mighty in the laws around cannabis because it it just it just does it gets really crowded because the federal government classifies marijuana as a controlled substance in its use is illegal under federal law yeah. yeah yet this man has a card saying he needs for his his well being and you know. there is a very strict law that prohibits the use of marijuana for any police officer in the state of Pennsylvania I don't know what you do this is a tough one I don't know how this is all going to play out. and you know what any officer that is found using medical marijuana faces the certification by the Pennsylvania municipal police officers education and training commission according to their own policy paperwork which is absolutely crazy it's ridiculous you know come I let this guy do his job. I just don't understand that if you're going to start regulating that. how many police. are actually if they were to test. officers right now random right how many of them do you think will be using cannabis seriously how many of them in that force you think are using cannabis. but I think it's gonna be a majority going to be a high number yeah yeah it's gonna be a finally. mark Goldman always great thank you so much we we love our time together with you. your right hand public relations and it's hump hump hemp public relations truck. you got it or what you say. thanks for being with us we'll be back in a moment this is cannabis talk agency in educational honesty and.

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