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Zero two red mountain westbound we've got a crash approaching thirty second street it's on the off ramp in the gore point but it's got. You backed up to state route, one forty three headed that way certainly watch for that ten eastbound east seventy Fifth Avenue crash as well. Off right, and this, was causing delays back towards ninety first avenue seventeen southbound. At Dunlap a collision. Off right there as well traffic's brought. To you by bay alarm with. The alarm you're protected twenty four. Seven by the local security experts go to be alarmed dot com, to schedule your free. Security review today alarm What have you got to lose I'm Larry Lewis KTAR. News There. Is a flash flood warning in effect right now for miracle the county until later this evening and. It primarily is affecting parts of Maricopa County to. The west there is a big storm. Round the Wickenburg area we'll be keeping an eye on that today's high. Expected to go to now one hundred three overnight eighty. Three and then tomorrow little warmer still at one hundred six it's one hundred two right now in, Maricopa weather brought. To you by Howard air whether replace, repair call. Howard air I'm Becky Lynn on? Arizona's news station, KTAR news Arizona's, download download Now Phoenix police officer in critical. Condition Well Becky Lynn you heard, in your news from Jerry Williams the Phoenix police chief doubt the officer, that has been injured doing. Well but still in critical condition MAC it seems like every week we, talk about an officer getting shot just a couple. Of weeks ago in. A DPS officer shot and killed the funeral was held in a valley was in mourning and hopefully this story will be a lot different. Here's a police chief Jerry Williams fact. Is my officer was conducting the tropics up and he was shot at on a couple of different occasions with. The suspect, fuck this subject made an, independent choice one of thirty four who decided to be. Aggressive towards police officer that doesn't change my engagement with the. Community it changes fax is what it does and. We're here to be transparent recurred to be communicative we're? Here, to talk to the community that. Much, it right you hear a lot about talking to the community how do we get.

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