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Go from recording to going live. Well again, I think just the situation and we just saw the benefit of utilizing that Facebook live tool and as we as we're talking to people you're starting to see people commenting in real time and you can interact back with them in real time and just adds another element and every now like we did a Q&A session with this business consultant. He's you know, seven years here. Yeah. So yeah people just firing in questions and it went very well and it would have been the same if we if it was just recorded in the studio. Right? Right, right. So that's good. I like that. I like that that element that you decide to change from going live to I mean from from going video to going live so that way you can get more of a a real mess with absolute a realness about it and don't get me wrong guys. If you're watching doesn't mean you have to do that. But if you also heard him say when he did it recorded, he did it as if it were a lot so long You don't have to cuz sometimes I know a lot of people think I keep messing up to keep messing up. Once again. You still want to stay human. But if you mess up you can record and do it over again. It's okay. No one's going to crucify you gave me add something to you know, what I got that from so and I started out as a professional speaker and I had a speech coach his name is Ed Tait. He's actually been on a on off the podcast and he would always tell me when you're practicing even if you mess up just keep going. Yes, even if you're in the Mirror by yourself at home and you practice you mess up just keep going and then it's just stuck with me. Yeah and see my background is from from the media. If you're if you're going to a news broadcast, you can't stop and say can we start over you gotta keep going live you gotta keep going. So I appreciate I appreciate that. So Eric tell people how they can find out about your podcast to see it or listen. However know a couple of ways you can go to Facebook page. Just type in the 30-minute hour and that'll get you right to our page we go every Monday at 7:00. We do the 30-minute our we also on Wednesdays at 6:00. We do something called the 30-minute our live on lockdown now actually where we have comedians that and that's a whole different thing there and and growing like crazy. We have comedians. We we present the lighter side of the lock down all that ready for people to laugh. I mean, we have like musicians that come on. We have a DJ who plays music but yeah, that's a different that's a second element of the 30-minute hour. So that's all Wednesdays at 6:00. But our traditional interview the guest back pocket. You every day podcast though, it's Monday. That's 7:00. And then so you can also go to the website or even an hour Sorry 3 a.m. That net and you can get to the recordings cuz we still do go to the different mobile platform apps like anchor and iTunes. That's great man. Make sure you guys check them out 30-minute our he's doing a whole franchise as you can see but but put it down or so make sure you check him out Eric. Thank you for joining me today on a productive podcaster and hey, you know nothing but love for you brother and he was in the building. All right. There you go. Have a good one man. Have a great one. Thank you song you heard the Rumblings even thought of starting your own but how everybody knows podcasting is the fastest and best way to get your message out and grow your business all at once. Hello. Everybody knows this. Nobody showed you what to do. Well podcast nation is ready to do all that be lifting for you while you just deliver your message and Grill join the nation and start your podcast today text podcast off. 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Didn't you love that young Eric twigs and my man productivity, you know, I love that. I love talking about productivity since this is the productive podcast. I had the opportunity to be on his podcast and he has been on mine and of course, we're kind of University alums. You're going to find out I kind of love my my alumni my fellow alums as you would too. So the thing is I want to thank Eric for being a part of that. So now we come to a segment of the show. We like to call pod Quest pod Quest podcast. What is podcast pod Quest is giving you the opportunity to ask a question of one of our guests? That's right asked a question of one of our team or of me. We give all of you that opportunity. So we go to the feed we put on a question about one of the question we got today was for Jamie muskopf who was our veteran who gave our does the podcast veteran spouse has achieved the question was Jamie. Do you get pushed back from the military on interviewing the true spouses? That's a great question and I was happy to get that from James answer and she was saying that the military doesn't really push back on it because she's not doing anything. There's no military Secrets, but she's giving away. She's a talking to some of the spouses and actually page as she puts. It might be sometimes therapeutic for you know for their marriage for them to talk to somebody and it's it's a fun way of just getting it out there to people getting a message out living spouse's know. Hey, you're not alone. Yep. We're dealing with you're not alone and some of the people who are in the military they get to hear their spouses or hear someone else's spouses and let them know some things that they may want to address or talk to about a nice family and how things are going with the military as well. Because I I first of all I think Jamie's doing a great job. I love this particular topic and you'll hear me say number of times is a podcast on anything. There's a podcast on anything and Jamie does a great job with that particular podcast, which he likes to be reaching the troops and their spouses. So that's a great job. Thank you so much for doing that and thank you for the question back one podcast. We appreciate that now it's time for the podcast profile the podcast profile on the productive podcaster. And that is Andrew Wong of start-up stories and Drew War has a podcast called start-up stories..

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