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He's so young to too. Yeah. There's only between besides only one though. Would you care from other brand new? No. Thank you. Just go caught him. I know you won't miss me the matter bag feeling the way you must have lucked talk about minute. A few minutes. Girl. She'll do rich family. Doing otherwise struggle. Tell me something. How come they jump you from machinist? Mate, second class Lieutenant j g in a year, maybe promotions to slow Royal decided to promote myself, and that in the navy anymore. Just like the uniform honorable discharge. Catch you wearing that uniform, and they won't catch me, too. Phased. Do you have to move to fast, wouldn't you? If you had a bunch of bunk checks trillion. What you gotta be careful. I'm careful. Well, we go from here. I don't know. The hose. Didn't you invite me out to dinner? Well, sure. Short tonight of money. What else? Matter. Seven dollars to my name. I've only got five. Not much. Ceccaldi over thirty dollars with all the drinks. What about forget it? She's well, he'll tell you, less you all at home. Forget it. I'm saving her for a bigger Tyler she's going to Cleveland. And I'm going to Cleveland..

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