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I'm Cordova Coleman. The House will consider expelling Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene from her committees. Today she has backed racist conspiracy theories said some deadly school shootings never happened and supported calls with a violent killing of Democratic leaders. House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy condemned greens remarks and said she has denounced those views to him and to others. She came inside our conference and announce them as well. She said She was wrong. She has reached out in other ways and forms and nothing that she said has been based upon Since she's been a member of Congress, A Green has not publicly renounced her remarks. Separately, Republicans in the House have overwhelmingly voted to keep Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney in a GOP leadership position. She had faced opposition from some colleagues After pushing for former President Trump's impeachment, the social media company parlor is fired its CEO NPR's Bobby Allen, reports. The former head of the conservative friendly site says he was forced out over a disagreement about free speech. After parlors role in amplifying the insurrection on the Capitol chief Executive John Mates devised a plan parlor is known for extreme free speech, but made was ready for some hard rules this lead to a fight with major conservative donor Rebecca Mercer, the co founder of parlor, Here's mates, get rid of domestic terrorists. Groups that incite violence, but not ideologically ban Anyone when I presented my plan to Rebecca Mercer and one of the other reps. She? They were silent, So I took that his disagreement. This came just days before mates expected parlor to come back online For weeks. The site has been nonfunctional after Amazon refused to provide Web hosting service is over parlors, failure to moderate violent content. Bobby Allen NPR NEWS SAN Francisco Prosecutors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, are seeking a new arrest warrant for Kyle Rittenhouse, alleging he's violated the terms of his release. Wisconsin Public Radio's Corinne has reports written House is charged with killing two people and wounding a third during protests in Kenosha last summer. Prosecutors say they sent a hearing notice two written houses Illinois home, but it was returned. They later they're in the teaching world moved in mid December, violating the rules of his bail agreement. Written houses. Attorney says the family moved to a safe house because they've received death threats. Written House's case has become a national flashpoint. He was released on bail in November after his $2 million bond was paid by what prosecutors call Dubious Internet fundraising campaign. Some have condemned the 18 year old for killing two men and injuring a third during a black Lives matter rally following the shooting of Jacob Blake. Others, including Donald Trump, have rallied behind him. For NPR news. This is Corinne Has you're listening to NPR news? And this is W N. Y. C in New York, four minutes after six o'clock. Good morning. I'm David first going up to 38 degrees today. It's 32 now in Central Park alternate side parking is suspended through Saturday Force No operations parking meters still in effect. About two thirds of New York City Council seats are up for grabs this year. W one Way sees David Cruz reports campaigning is underway, including by one political action group, It's looking to back up incoming leaders. The law firm Cosign. O'Connor is based in Philadelphia and has a lobbying office in New York. It holds regular meetings with City Council members now would still need $13,000 to several council members, including Justin Brandon, Keith Powers and Raphael Salamanca Junior who are all poised to retain their seats for another term and have expressed interest in being council speaker. The firm says his donations are small and separate statements. All three council members insisted they are not influenced by money. New Jersey won't be following New York's lead in allowing restaurant workers to get the cove in 19 vaccine W. On my sees Cameron, he reports. That's despite plans to expand into our dining to 35% capacity. Governor Phil Murphy says on Lee Restaurant workers with pre existing health conditions are eligible for the vaccine, and he hasn't said when the rest of the states more than 300,000 food Service employees will be able to get in line. Moncler State University epidemiologist Stephanie Silveira says If the state is loosening indoor dining restrictions, it also needs to protect workers risking their lives so others can enjoy and endure meal. We have to recognize that those individuals are not disposable..

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