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Democrats on Vince counties alongside amber atheist this morning. For mary. Walter Amer, good morning. Good morning, Vince. What is going on? The Dominican Republic have have we, can we get a handle on what's going on down there? Every so often, we get these stories like to Cuba where every, you know, all of a sudden, he knows like people were having hearing problems in the embassy and it's just like a gigantic mystery what is happening to Americans, and then all of a sudden now in the Dominican Republic with a bunch of Americans quote mysteriously dying. Now, we've got at least seven American tourists. It was yesterday morning was four or two days ago. I was hearing the number four. Now we hear seven American tourists have died in the in the Dominican Republic for these so-called mysterious reasons. And all of a sudden now we we get a famous person involved. Shark tank star Barbara Corcoran's brother, John Corcoran, died of an alleged heart attack in April. While vacationing in the Dominican Republic Nasim going through this remember, I mean, all this could actually just be coincidences. The guy could just have died from a heart attack, and that's it. But it is causing the American government to investigate a Representative for, for Corcoran, Barbara Corcoran, confirmed the news of his death to NBC news. John's death who Barbara one of ten siblings, described as her favourite brother to TMZ is not believed to be related to the recent deaths of six American tourists who have died while on vacation in the Caribbean nation. I'm reading from here. John was sixty years old and retired. But previously owned statewide roofing and siding and Edgewater New Jersey. John visited the Dominican Republic frequently was waiting for his girlfriend to join him on the vacation when a friend discovered his body in a hotel suite. No autopsy was performed Barbara was informed that the cause of death was a heart attack. And now this is after a couple of suspicious deaths, of course of Americans have been happening in these Dominican Republic hotels. And they said these trace the start of this around June of two thousand eighteen. Two Americans dying at the hard rock hotel and casino. Poon Kana, four have died at various Bahia Principe resorts unclear which resort John was staying three of the deaths heart attacks. One is an accumulation of fluid in the lungs was listed pulmonary and Dima as a cause of death. And a new gauge couple from Maryland were found dead in the room in may. The cause of death was to respiratory failure, and pulmonary Dima. So the Dominican Republic has saying these are all isolated incidents like you shouldn't read too much into all of this. But you do have Dominican officials end the FBI now the American FBI investigating the deaths. All of this trying to figure out a wire Americans dying in the Dominican Republic. What is going on? Yeah, you might have had me with isolated incidents until the couple, right? Like the idea that a couple died of respiratory failure at the same time in their hotel room. Yeah. It's just too sketchy. That's where I fall, I start to get into conspiracy conspiracy territory. Right. Right. So what is so what's behind it? So, you know, this'll be one of those stories either either we'll get a resolution. Or it'll be a mystery in an continue and it'll be in the news cycle for the next week or so. And especially if we get like any more deaths, and then it'll just disappear. You know what I mean? Predictable. Some of the people said that they were drinking from the mini bar before they got sick. Apparently, that's very common. I did the minibar was supposed to be the safe thing like, if you're traveling in foreign countries no gas, Mr. touch the water. But if you open a mini bar and you get like liquor isn't like. I was in Cancun for spring break a few years back and they have a mini bar where they have liquor on tap. So those bottles are already open define liquor. Literally bottles of tequila vodka rom on tap in the room, like a lever that you pull their flipped upside down. Yes. And then you just pull ever at the bottom. Yeah. Defense them. Yeah. But still, I mean, isn't whiskey I'm getting into territory. I have no idea on the answer on this, by the way. So don't take it as a recommendation, but I always assumed like that whisky. You can't like it does not gonna be germs whiskey. It's just hard alcohol. Yeah. Is like people take it for medicine. Just burns everything off. You know, I don't know if that's how it works is not I don't know. I kind of assume that I have a little bottle of, of Johnnie Walker black, at home that I started drinking when I was sick like I was, I was on vacation, I bought a tiny bottle of it now was feeling a little sick. And I took a swig of it, you know, just as a self medication I still have the bottle and I had a back from when I was sick. And my presumption is like maybe there's some germs on it or whatever, but that's probably long gone is just, you know, it's just a bottle. So I haven't appointments I still use it. I feel like whatever's killing these people is probably stronger than your average cold Geremia probably. It's probably stronger than that also. You know David Ortiz. New footage of being released of the attempt on his life as this assassin comes in and tries to kill him. We now find out that he was the alleged target of an eight thousand dollar hit. Which by the way, seems pretty measly. Eight thousand bucks. David Ortiz guy's a legend. The guy's name is raw fee for Ray ura. I'm scrolling his name, but whatever he's a killer he's been tempted killer Roffe crews, he allegedly shot RT's at a nightclub Sunday night. But we did we see the fetish, he's in custody along with several other suspects. Prosecutors say that it was an eight thousand dollar hit. They described it as a sophisticated hit job. I would disagree. Yeah. They didn't kill him. See rather. Unsophisticated their failures. Yeah. On the whole killing him park. And he's recovering in Boston. Now apparently, he's been sitting up and showing some good signs of progress. So that's good news for him. But bizarre news all around that of the Dominican Republic five forty four w mail. We're here from one eight hundred God junk. Wow. That was.

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