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Must develop and implement a health and safety policy that must include At a minimum. All employees and visitors go through a pre screening involving symptom questions and a temperature check. So get ready for that starting at noon tomorrow. I'm thinking, HB. I'm thinking any place that you go where there's people long lines out the door. Yes. So just be prepared for that. This is in addition to the mayor's previous order, which mandates that all employees and patrons were face coverings when they're in an area or performing activities, which involved close contact or proximity to others, where six feet of separation is not feasible. Once again. I wish they would leave that out. That's open to interpretation, and we know that people's interpretations are different. Yeah. All large gatherings of 100 or more people, whether indoor or outdoor are prohibited and order also prohibits social and family gatherings to no more than 10 people. Going into fourth of July weekend. I'm just hoping that people are paying attention. Because if we all do this, this might in faster yeah, and on a side note because the interim director of Metrohealth brought this up, which is really disturbing is the contact tracing process is becoming less and less effective. The fact that people who are being tested and are waiting for those test results. They're not staying isolated. They're still going out doing their normal routine. And that's contributing to the surgeon cases we're seeing. And we also talked about if you're sick. If you feel sick, Stay home. Don't you know? Go Tito try to muscle through it. It's not going to help because you might be infected. Yeah, and I can't. But the asymptomatic people that are out If you wear a mask, you don't have to worry about it. Cause if you do have it in your asymptomatic you don't know you have it. But if you wear a mask, you chances of you spreading it or a lot less. Don't muscle through for six day home that goes with any any sickness, the flu, the regular flu, we went through this. Remember when our former news director, Jim Foresight, knocked us all out. With the flu because he came and said We think we think he was patient zero was patient zero because he muscled through. He didn't want to be. You didn't want to miss work. I did hear that cough. Yeah, Yeah. God. Yes, yes, but I look, it's We don't have. We can preach this anymore, and I'm tired of preaching about where amassed social distance and wash your hands. It's that simple. It really is. If everybody does it, chances are these numbers that we're seeing jump up and we were 12,000 cases in Bear County right now. 1200 yesterday. Yeah. And I get the people don't like wearing the mask will have issues with that Their liberty their freedom, But we'll all be free to roam. Yes, it's just all collectively agree is the best approach is they're working on viruses every every hour of the day. Right now. I mean viruses that vaccines were working on vaccines every hour of the day. They're trying to get one. But that takes time. Testing has to be done. And then once they get the vaccine, is everybody gonna take it? Probably not. I can understand some apprehensions. I don't want to be the very first guy, but I'll be second. Guessed it right behind the first guy. Okay? You didn't drop dead. I'll do it. All right up next. It's those were the days brought you by brown Chevrolet. I'm beginning to believe that other than love and religion, nothing changed your life more than moving your credit score 120 points. I'm John Hope Bryant, founder chairman, CEO of Operation Hope, and We're working to expand and lift up your credit scores..

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