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Presented by meadow. Hey, good morning, playbook or central government. It's Friday. Today's show, the Senate clears way for a gun Bill. It's your political playbook daily briefing. Last night, the Senate passed a bipartisan gun safety bill in a 65 to 33 vote that's all 15 Republicans join all 50 Democrats to support the bill. Politico's Burgess Everett and Marianne Levine have a behind the scenes look at the making of the compromise in today's playbook. In the Washington run by baby boomers and octogenarians, it took two 40 something Democrats with a yin and Yang approach to get a gun safety deal done. Chris Murphy had developed self descriptive pessimism in his decades long quest to rein in gun violence. That's where kyrsten sinema came in, pushing her more liberal friend along, their partnership proved exactly what Democrats needed to break through on gun safety after nearly 30 years of attempts. They're close enough for the triathlete cinema to give Murphy fitness advice, but the Connecticut progressive also credited the Arizona centrist with maintaining optimism that he sometimes struggled to muster. Up next, the measure, the most significant legislative response to mass shootings in nearly three decades, is expected to pass in the house as early as today. A recap of yesterday's January 6th hearing in case you missed it the bear headline in total, 5 GOP House members, Scott Perry, Matt Gaetz, Andy Biggs, Louis gomer and Marjorie Taylor Greene, inquired with Trump officials about pardons, according to sworn testimony from former White House aides. Let's put it because and Nicholas Wu right in a recap quote. Additionally, according to former Trump aides testimony, representative mo Brooks sent an email on January 11th, 2021, asking for all purpose pardons for every lawmaker who objected to electoral votes from Arizona and Pennsylvania. Some named denied that they saw pardons. Gohmert Perry and Biggs issued statements of denial, green and Gates, meanwhile, simply attacked the committee, but didn't outright deny the alleged request. Brooks, though, said he's open to testifying before the committee under certain conditions. According to CNN's money Raju and Morgan murmur. The overall takeaway from Colin Nicholas, quote, the hearing highlighted how Trump's west wing became a haven for conspiracy theories about election fraud that he then tasked DoJ and other cabinet agencies to investigate, one that there is were debunked, Trump would fall back on new ones, often plucked from far flung corners of the Internet and laundered through pro Trump channels until they reached the Oval Office. Trump told the officials according to Thursday's testimony, quote, you guys may not be following the Internet the way I do. And in a sign of the perilous political position that representative Liz Cheney finds herself in, the Wyoming Republican is trying to reach Democrats who could help bail her out in a contentious primary against her Trump backed opponent period egerman. Read Epstein from The New York Times reports quote that in the last week, Wyman Democrats have received mail from miss Cheney's campaign, with specific instructions on how to change their party affiliation to vote for her. Miss Cheney's campaign website now has a link to a form for changing parties. Democrats are plotting a last ditch plan to avert a spike in healthcare costs that could further damage their midterm prospects. But first, they'll have to get senator Joe Manchin on board. That's because Adam king reports, quote, a proposal being weighed by congressional Democrats and party advisers in recent weeks, aims to temporarily extend the enhanced ObamaCare subsidies that were part of the financial aid package, president Joe Biden had signed into law last march. Democratic leaders had long hoped to renew the subsidies as part of their sweeping climate tax reform and prescription drugs package, but Manchin has demanded a smaller bill that funnels have its savings toward deficit reduction. Here's what's up in Washington today starting with The White House and 9 45 a.m. eastern vice president Kamala Harris will depart D.C. that had to Plainfield Illinois. There, so meet with maternal healthcare workers and will deliver remarks of one 40. At three 40, Harris will deliver remarks at the national association of Latino elected and appointed officials 39th annual conference in Chicago. At 6 25, she'll depart Chicago to head back to D.C.. Presbytery will brief a 2 p.m.. The house will mean a 9 a.m. with lost votes at 3 p.m.. Speaker Nancy Pelosi will hold her weekly press conference at ten 45 a.m.. The Senate is in today, the Supreme Court will release another batch of opinions at 10 a.m. today. All right, for more news and what's breaking in D.C. right now, subscribe to the playbook newsletter. That's that Politico dot com slash playbook or music is composed by the mysterious breakmaster cylinder. Playbook's editor is Mike zepler, Zach Stan as playbook's deputy editor, the executive producer and head of audio, here at Politico's Jenny Ahmet. I'm raghunath, have a good weekend. We'll see first thing. Monday morning..

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