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That's awful. Take. I'm sorry. I like Tony is a broadcaster. He's fun. Then she's 25. He's the greatest quarterback we've ever seen. There's no talent that is more impressive than Patrick Holmes He's got he could play at Tom Brady's age. 18 more seasons 18 18 years of Patrick Mahomes of whatever That is, however many years with Andy Reid and he can't ever in his life. Accomplish and match Tom Brady surpassed Tom. But he couldn't ever do because he lost his second Super Bowl when he won the first one at age 25. That's it. My goodness, Vince. Just think about this. We could be seen. If the If the coin toss goes their way. Two years ago, Mahomes would be in three straight Super Bowls probably would have won two of them. And now he would have been going for he would be going for his third. We'll think about that. Here's the thing. I mean, if he won that coin toss. Well, then he would be passed Brady by now, but he lost that coin toss. I mean, you can obviously be passed Brady catch when you lose the coin toss. You can't cooperate. You're done. Yeah, So that's it. That's game over, But I just It's crazy. The hyperbole of well, I just can't see. Patrick Mahomes, You're living up to the legacy of Tom Brady again. This is a football game between two football teams. I know we want to make it about the quarterback and it's basically you know what we do is a society watching the sport put. You know if we're going out if we're going by this, you know. Football team versus football team. Who's do is the favorite in the game. Yes, the chief. Okay, lets it period end of story now, and I know everybody's you know, Doing the media overhype of this week is gonna be the word. It's the worst thing every week is going to war. So every year can we just go that years old? Just let's just do this. Now. Keep a tab on the awful takes that come out this week. And let's just have so much fun. I mean, this is the tip of the iceberg is the boy. I'm trying. Yes. Oh, this weekend could be obviously Patrick Mahomes cannot be. You know, he will not be a first ballot Hall of Famer if he loses this fight. Ballgame. I cannot see it. I mean, you know these. This is the week. We're like the dumbest crap you'll ever hear comes out. Bella check is gonna get dragged this week. I can't wait for that. That's gonna be fun s. Oh, yeah, There's gonna be a lot of awful takes like that. But, yeah, It's like the whole idea of okay. Could we possibly see a game where you know Tom Brady throws for 400 yards and three touchdowns. And the Bucks win the Super Bowl. Yeah, I mean, we could see that, but also we could see that And you know Patrick Mom's also throws for 350 yards and three touchdowns, but they just don't have the ball at the end of the game, like does that mean Patrick Mahomes is suddenly a massive failure and his whole career is a fraud, And he'll never be Tom Brady because, you know, he put up 400 yards and the possessions just didn't go his way at the end of the game or like a running back, fumbled in the first quarter and change the dynamic Six of this scoring bonanza. I mean, like, it's just It's so easy to simplify it, and it's insane. It's insane that we simplify it like this all the time I get, let's let's go back. The chief's outclassed him six weeks ago. I don't care that the game got close in the second half. It's a waste of everybody's time to even think that you know we're going to judge anything off of the Bucks hang with him in the second half of the football game six or seven weeks, So, however many weeks it was They got out question the game. The Chiefs have been outclassing people for most of the year. Let's be honest. And for all the all the ridiculousness of all the Chiefs are winning by enough so they must be. You know, there must be some sort of something going on Where you know there's some sort of, uh, scratching their armor. No. The chief showed in the first half of the Browns game before Patrick Bones got her that they were a better team than the Browns By a mile. They showed their better team but the bills, then the bills by a mile and then the best team in football and approve it again on Sunday, and the effect it I'll say this too, because I've been I mentioned going into the playoffs, the fact that they had played down to some teams, but When you can play down two teams and do that consistently. And not lose your in a whole different class like that's the thing. They were able. How many other teams have ever been able to just, you know, five weeks of like, Let's play down to just everybody that we play. And and when it was just boredom like it was exactly like that's that's like, if you just want to boil it down to the simplest thing. They were bored. Yeah, that he was bored. It was Travis Kelsey, I think has some comment. Where is basically like, Yeah, We were just waiting for the A M C championship game, and the sleeper knew that they were going to go 14 and one you're throwing out. The last game in charge didn't matter. They knew where they were going to be. They were just board the last month of the year. Yeah, it's unbelievable that it's it's the life that they live, and that's the thing. They're gonna be back. Assuming Mahomes is healthy, there'd be back like every other year so and if they had won the coin toss, they be challenging the bills for four straight Super Bowls next year. Like this. That's it. Yeah, So that's that's where we're at. Um Mahomes is never gonna be good. It's just it's not gonna happen for can't be as good as Tom Brady. Who loses, it's over. No, never again. No chance. So I'm Vince Quinn. That's James. Chris Fo. Thank you for.

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