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Morning I'm mark Caesar this update is brought to you by PGA dell match play markets across the world are down today because Saudi Arabia and Russia ran a big dispute over oil prices Russia has refused to cut its production and the Saudis have responded by saying they will increase their own production in an effort to drive prices down even further these moves have now driven the price of oil down thirty one percent two members of Congress including senator Ted Cruz R. in self quarantine this week senator Ted Cruz of Texas and congressman Paul Gosar Verres owners say they interacted with the individual the yearly conservative political action conference outside Washington DC neither lawmakers experiencing symptoms meanwhile according to a memo obtained by fox news the house of representatives is giving serious consideration to allowing staff to work remotely with offices getting the green light to buy telework equipment such as computers and additional phones in Washington Rachel Sutherland fox news a cruise ship with corona virus patients on board will be docking today in Oakland California's governor stressing his team still doesn't know exactly when the grand princess cruise ship will dock in Oakland but it should happen sometime today now there are more than twenty confirmed cases on board passengers who need medical attention will get off first with the Coast Guard has already made it back to a second passenger with a medical condition that is not related to the virus people on board will go to military posts in California Texas Georgia for testing and then a fourteen day quarantine the Michigan primary is tomorrow in a liberal activist group is backing Bernie Sanders the progressive change campaign committee has sent a message out to its nearly sixteen thousand members in Michigan the group says it wants to see the primary campaign go on as long as possible to ensure that Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden are sufficiently tested to face president trump in November and that means voting strategically put Sanders the group says its heart broken that Elizabeth Warren is out of the race but if the goal is to beat trump you want to be super shore Bernie and Biden are tested and can go the distance Ben Thomas Washington public hearings this week we'll look at cutting down on gun violence in Texas house and Senate committees on mass violence prevention will debate ways to keep guns out of the hands of people who can't currently passed a federal background check groups like Texas gun sense what universal background checks for all sales and Jill Switzer is its executive director I have trouble with being against that why not do a quick check there will also be a discussion about online gun sales in large part because the Santa Fe high school shooter bought ammo online using a gift card to skirt the age requirements that draws more news radio killed Jack seven thirty three here's Austin's on time traffic with Patrick van today it looks like crews are assisting a stalled vehicle on southbound mopac at forty fifth street north bound on thirty five traffic is stopping go from toll road forty five up to Cesar Chavez south on thirty five traffic is still very heavy from thirty eight street all the way back to breaker lame a Patrick van day with Austin's on time traffic brought.

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