Health Insurance, Senate, Bernie discussed on Thom Hartmann


We don't know because they're not gonna wait for cbo scores so i'm really worried that this was a plan for quite a while and that there now executing their plan to take away health insurance i'm continually confounded by the arcane rules in the senate and i remember bernie was doing the show when he had been in the house for years and and and when he moved over to the side of the first year or so that he was on people would call was senate rules questions and he would he would say you know i'm still trying to figure this stuff out with its a parent lee uh quite differ from the rules that you guys have in the house but i thought and and apparently i'm completely wrong on this i thought that if you were going to pass a piece of legislation using reconciliation that the burden the amendment rules for reconciliation use of reconciliation require that you demonstrate the you're not gonna raise the the uh the budget deficit after a decade or within a decade or both um and i thought that that required a cbo score his are they getting around this by saying that the other ten years everything goes zero so obviously it's not going to add to the deficit we're just going to end the medicaid is that what is that what's going on or are they gonna slip in a cbo score after its ghosts the reconciliation with the house or what your guess is as good as mine time that's the problem with this the fact that um they're not gonna do cbo scores that's pretty much unheard of right so we don't really know what we're voting on uh senator johnson from wisconsin was on um morning joe earlier this week and when they asked him questions it was very clear he doesn't know what in his bill or he doesn't want people to know what in his bill either way i find it problematic that he's either ignorant of the bill or deceitful about the bill but this is the.

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