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Traffic every fifteen minutes next report at seven forty eight on New Jersey one oh one point five. Josie one point five whether we'll see mostly cloudy skies tonight. A chance of rain showers across the region. Lows dropping down into the fifties across most of jersey mainly sunny weather ahead for Tuesday. Let's beautiful highs in the seventy some upper sixties north and west and a look ahead to Wednesday, mostly sunny skies. Highs in the sixties to low seventies far south sunshine expected Thursday. Highs back in the mid to upper sixties anyone legis Mark tibido. We've got sixty degrees in Flemington, sixty four and Winslow sixty in Springfield fast. Traffic instant weather every fifteen minutes on New Jersey one zero one point five. All right. So Twitter poll up basically, what do you think about the whole Kate Smith situation where she racist or not nineteen percents? Ak Smith was racist. Eighty-one percent, Kate. Smith was not racist. They took them statue in Philadelphia. So give me some suggestions. While we're added one with your thoughts in one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five I put out name statue the flyers. Put up the replace Kate Smith also at nj one zero one five dot com. I'll give you some of what's come back to me after we talked to pay 'em. Lawrenceville, New Jersey one point five eight bam. Hey, how are you think you for taking my call? Sure. So I say shame on the ball players. And I my heart goes out to the family of Kate Smith..

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