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I'm Marie Elise. Local jurisdictions say they're ready to vaccinate against Cove it but they're not getting enough doses to do so into the limited supply of vaccines. You know that it will take us some time to move through all of phase one. Prince George's County executive, Angela all So Brooks with the refrain echoed by Arlington County Board share, Mathey Ferrante says the county's limited by the number of doses it receives. Same goes for Frederick County and Montgomery County, summed up by health director Dr Travis Gales. We are at the mercy of what the state supplies and the state is at the mercy of what the federal government supplies to them. Nails as he does not expect the number of doses to increase any time soon. Barbara Britt W M. A. L and W M a l dot com Acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen releasing a statement regarding safety and security for tomorrow's inauguration, Acting U. S Attorney general Jeff Rosen says the nation will witness an orderly transition of power Wednesday. With this warning the Justice Department will have no tolerance for anyone who attempts to mar the day. With violence or other criminal conduct. Anyone who does that will be caught and they will be prosecuted at the Department of Justice, along with every level of law enforcement and the National Guard, are working around the clock in D. C as local law enforcement does the same at government buildings in all 50 states amid recent protests of the U. S Capitol that so far has led to over 100 arrests. Jeff Man. Also, Fox News is you're trying to navigate around all the road closures, in effect for the inauguration and track also making changes all Northeast regional trains.

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