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R. O. S. Sausalito so the website and share that with a brother of yours. No I think any Palumbo was taken and then I don't know that kind of came up and Danny. Yeah yes I mean. It's probably really sounds cool. There's another one on twitter. I mean I'm probably the cooler. WanNa Bruce Glory IOS. There's another one out there. Okay obviously bring Games is coming out on specific date unspecific. Listening to Spring Games is already out. And there's some really incredible oh episodes. They're all themed so each Monday. At nine. Eight central you can see on National Geographic Channel like basically all over the world. It's much you have to check it out and if you want to check got my podcasts. It's Talk Nerdy DOT COM DOT COM. There's a million ways to just google talk nerdy skeptics guide and yes same thing twitter and instagram at Care Maria. Yeah yes so there is all your shit. That's care with a C.. Because you can't see it because you're listening to me at Care Center. Maria on twitter and on instagram at there's Enron was taking some late to the party. There underscores on there but weirdly. I googled once and I. I think I'm the only Cara Santa Maria in America. which is we have a weird name right? So how's awesome. So maybe there's another one but she's not showing up on the lake census. Okay we'll You guys be Nice Nice on the Internet attack. The other the please don't no one's GonNa dachshund anybody. Mary Anti Joker yes. No of course follow both of these wonderful people. They're fantastic subscribe talk nerdy and watch brain games and we'll get back together for joker to and Pasta the. Oh my God if I would love to I'll bring the Mike and the preempt some headphones and we'll go to your place and we'll bring for folks I don't have you you don't you're all right. Yeah thanks that Signs is hosted and produced by me and Edinburgh Associated Producers. Emily Feld our editor. Is Lucas Bolinger and the executive pro dancing.

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