Donald Trump, Bannon, CEO discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


He needs to say, yes, the here's a story that I'm going to tell you, which is that the country was a disaster. He said it again, with Chuck on Sunday and I wrote in on my white horse, and I'm saving the country. I alone, fixing it I making America great again. It's not based. In fact, as Steve has just laid out, but it's the story he needs to tell to portray any sense of success of his president, and this morning, sports, analogy me because you need a sports. Analogy is team. Obama takes the bowl on the five yard line. Bribes it. The link of the failed to the ten yard line, the other ten yard line, and then the team Trump takes it over over the goal line, after carrying ten yards and says, oh, look how great I am the people that took his ninety yards. Eighty five yards are lousy. The question is. Could Trump have a six and a half seven year record of economic growth will we'll never find out but I doubt it. Well, I'll tell you, it's worse than that Trump is actually on the verge of taking the ball and throwing it into the grandstand. The economy is getting very weaker as we sit here today. You see ninety facturing starting to go down and you see things we can all over the economy, and it's directly really attributable to the trade war, and to and to all of his other economic policies that are, that are really, we have a recession very easily next Jovana high. Lot of businesses lot of CEO's giving a lot of money to Donald Trump because of you. They are in, like your, your broader conversation. The unfortunate thing is you go back to aid, right? And you had you basically did have Republicans and Democrats, save the economy from an economic collapse. And then you had basically that cheap money ever since, and we've had tons of liquidity from here Europe other places in during that time. We've not actually had a conversation that goes back to the chart that retina or had, which is even with a tiny increase in wages. Most people were still looking at twenty thirty year run where yes, the richer getting super rich CEO's are killing it. But most people are getting puny raise, if anything, and that is structural. There's something going on with capitalism right now that actually desserts, very serious debate. Like, how do you with all this money that we're pumping out with record low unemployment? We've just coming off of globalized, synchronized growth, and yet the average worker is still getting screwed. And that worker is part of the Trump base in there. Has to be more discussion about how the hell do you get it to a point where everyone else can benefit from? Pets insanity. The insanity of, of Trump success. And these obama-trump counties, is your member. His final two and a half minute ad that Bannon put out that international bankers, basically. And, and they're, you know, one world economic system World Bank, that's leaving everybody behind. Donald Trump said and see Bannon's said he was going to change that. And his policies were going to help the people that are fleeing Trump counties now. And we've gotten is we've gotten a tax cuts that, that help multinational corporations, and I mean, hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars of tax tax cuts for the biggest corporations on the planet..

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