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The trump administration's plan for adding a citizenship question to the twenty twenty cents this trump tweeting quote that it's totally ridiculous our government and indeed country cannot ask a basic question of citizenship in very expensive detailed and important senses he then says he's asking lawyers if they can delay the constitutionally required census until the supreme court gets more information mr trump writing can anyone believe we are not able to ask whether someone is a citizen only in america a._b._c.'s andy field the trump administration claim they need the citizenship question in order to help enforce their voting rights act meanwhile the justices also made another historic ruling today this went on gerrymandering case a five four decision the u._s. supreme court says that federal courts have no role to play in policing political districts drawn for partisan gain the ruling was four cases in maryland and north carolina but affects ohio as well a federal judge panel recently ruled ohio's congressional map was unconstitutional saying it was drawn to favor republican voters the panel ordered a new map to be drawn before the twenty twenty election but today's decision means that won't happen ohio voters recently approved fixing the way that the congressional map is drawn however any changes will be happening now until twenty twenty two ricky chino one of the district's called the most gerrymandered in the country is in southwest ohio one ohio city meanwhile has made their feelings known today about a hios new heartbeat bill toledo city council members voted yesterday to approve a resolution there that opposes the measure the law will take effect on july eleven and it will ban abortions wants a fetal heartbeat is detected that could be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy the city's council the city council resolution there will not do much to change the law but supporters hope that state lawmakers will take notice and ohio state highway patrol trooper jason phillips e still in critical condition this afternoon after a crash involving a wrong.

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